Saturday, 19 July 2008

My Bag Collection #34

Bally Dober Leather Travel Bag (SOLD)

If you want quality leather bags, Bally is always a name you can count on. Their craftsmanship and leather quality is always superb. And these days, with the appointment of Brian Atwood (whose own label offering ladies accessories is hot!), Bally has been getting some much needed design boost for their accessories and bags range.

I got this lovely Bally Dober Leather Travel Bag during the recent end of season sale. Bags can all look pretty and nice, but at the end of the day, being able to fulfill its function as a user friendly bag is crucial. This tote style bag comes with multiple pockets and compartments which is a joy to use. You can really get organised! The thing that sold me to this bag was the top 'button closure' opening, but it has a interior middle zip compartment for added security to keep the important items. The sides can be used to hold my laptop snugly and the exterior front and 2 side pockets will serve a good purpose to keep all the less used belongings such as my mini umbrella and keys:-)

The leather is also of exceptional quality, grained and in a beautiful dark chocolate brown hue. The hardware is given a vintage finish and adds character to the bag. Of course, the Bally dog tag reinforces the masculine look of the bag, it 'empowers' you!:-)

At 30% off plus 10% extra during Takashimaya's promotion weekend (I paid SGD $1320.48), I can't help but surrender my credit card to this bag temptation.

(BTW, this is my best photography attempt for my bags:-P Lots of photoshopping involved but it does the trick!:-P)

Retail price: SGD $2096. Where to buy: Bally Boutique at Takashimaya


From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...

Honestly Kevin, you must have a huge walk-in wardrobe or something! Where do you store your bags!?!

Carlos said...

Hi Kevin,
Bally is of indiscutable quality, but there are 3 things I want to say about it:
They seldom use nappa leather, which is my favourite leather type. They seem to prefer grained leather.
They are lower priced than many designer brands like Dolce&Gabbana and offer the same or a better quality. That's why I wonder why your travel bag is so expensive (over $2000 without sale).
The frontal pocket has a flap closure or comes only with the visible mini belts?
Thanks. Calo

Kevin said...

Hi Bagaholicboy, (BTW, if I recall correctly, is your name alvin?)

hahaha. I dun have a huge walk in closet like what Sarah Jessica parker planned to have in the movie. I wish! What I do is keep the bags in bags. Small bags in bigger bags and bigger bags in large bags. It works! and space saving and acts as a natural stuffing to keep the bags in shape. I am running out of space. I have bags on top, inside my wardrobe, under my computer table, on top of my chest of drawers, by the side of the book case etc...yikes. It's a mess. I need space!

Kevin said...

Hi carlos,

welcome to my blog. Yes, Bally is of good quality and yet less pricey than the rest of the brands. They are a brand whose primary business is bags making and has a long history of doing that. Hence, I would say, they know their stuff. As for dolce Gabbana (not D&G), I would not be caught dead buying their bags. It's the worst designed bags ever and they charge an arm and more legs for the hideous monstrosity. It's only rare occassions that their bags are appealing. But clothes, they are very good at.

The front pocket has two buckled straps for closure:-) and the sides 2 button closure pockets. I use the bag's so user friendly. I can compartmentalise everything. It's a joy to use and yet it looks great. One drawback, the sturdy leather is kinda weighty.

DesignBox said...

Hej Kev!

I grew up with Bally so for me they are great. This bag is stylish and totally worth the price.

I was about to flip when I went to their showroom in Milan when my friend modelled for them. He got so much for free...and he didn't even like them...

Kevin said...

I totally agree. Bally bags are great! and I am happy with my purchase of this bag. I use it today and it was a joy to use the bag. You know sometimes you buy a beautiful bag and then when you use it, it's a chore...and that will diminish your liking for the bag. SO I think there should always be a balance of aesthetic appeal and functionality for bags. This bag is both!:-)

Although this full leather bag is from their spring summer collection, it is good for all seasons:-) So definitely a longevity item:-)

How are you feeling today? get well soon and looking forward to see your new book project! So cool!

DesignBox said...

I'm feeling like crap!!! ha ha ha, but now i have the time to just relax and check out you posts. We have made one book. I'm gonna try and post it. We are working on this blog fusion with books. See how it works out.

Kevin said...

Oh dear, take a good rest..and have the medication. Get well soon. And hope my blog will keep you 'entertained' for a while. hehe.

and yes, please put up the book. Such a cool idea!:-)

shoe-holic said...

Ahh I see ppl talking about a particular "sagging" situation with Balenciaga bags (or any soft leather slouchy ones). I have a Men's Besace and at first it just looks so bent or "sagged" out of shape when i throw in items like my wallet, phone, ipod, etc.

There will alway be this "sag" at the base of the bag that tends to gravitate towards the center. That just looks so f-ugly. So I think I came up with a "brilliant" solution to solve this disturbing problem.

What I did was to find a thin magzine with sturdy covers and then roll it up in half and place it directly at the base of my bag. So now when i throw things into the bag it sits on the magazine and this helps prevent the sag as the magazine's weight is now evenly distributed across the base of the bag thus no "sagging" at any single point.

Something to bear in mind, use a magazine that you can read. This is when you're feeling bored or taking a pit-stop from all that hardcore shopping. Hope this helps.

By the way, Balenciaga Bags ROCK!. So do Prada's (or Praads, a new moniker coined by a friend). Ha Ha.

Kevin said...

Hi Jay, good suggestion.
my solution is to use a sturdy shopping bag, preferably from Gucci as that is stiffer material, and use it to contain all my belongings and throw the whole bag into my balenciaga bag. That way, it holds all my things and easy to find them, next is I can transfer into another bag easier as I always change bags. hahaha
we all have our own ways to solve the sagging problem!