Sunday, 27 July 2008

My Shopping Conquest #14

Gucci Guccioli Puppy Charm - Oliver, The Pug

To compliment my new acquisition of the Guccissima Leather Tote, I had to celebrate even more by enhancing the lovely bag with the latest bag Guccioli Puppy Bag Charms by Frida Giannini. I have blogged about this series of bag charms before and I truly adore the cute puppy designs. Each with their own name and in different species of man's best friend, I knew I have to get one for myself.

My first choice was Leroy the french bulldog. But on Wednesday, my SA, Willis told me Leroy was not brought into the store so I had to settle for my second choice, Oliver. There were only 2 dogs charms left in the shop with Artu as an alternative. Of course I chose Oliver with his cute little eyes starring back at me, I just could not bear to not buy him.

I used the 6% rebate I had accumulated from buying the bag plus the points i had left over from previous purchases, I managed to get $90 worth of vouchers to offset this bag charm purchase. Willis is very understanding and patient as I had to pay separately in short intervals to get the full amount of vouchers. But the hassle and effort was well worth it. I paid only SGD $140 instead of the full price of SGD$230. It was a happy purchase!

The puppy charms comes in a nice Gucci branded box, with a dust cloth personalised with the relevant dog's name. How thoughtful that is. It also comes with a booklet that explains all the dog's personality and species, which was a very cute read.

Here's what is said about my 'Oliver':

Oliver - the pug
Oliver may sometimes look stern, but appearances can be deceptive. He is really great fun! Playful and sociable, sensitive and very faithful, his big heart conquers all!

On a side note, I almost gave up Oliver as Willis, the SA text me to inform me Leroy came in on Friday to the shop. I had ask him to hold one for me to exchange instead of buying another bag charm. But when I saw Leroy at the shop yesterday, I was not very impressed. Too much details on the dog makes him look kinda messy. All the stitching is just too overwhelming. And after comparing it with my Oliver again, I find Oliver is still cuter. So I decided to forgo the exchange and brought Oliver home again. Sorry Oliver! I promise it will not happen again!:-P FYI, Oliver was sold out in the store when I was there on Saturday.

Oliver now sits as my faithful 'guardian' for my Guccissima Leather Tote. He is a handsome pup dangling from my beautiful tote bag:-)

Retail price: SGD $230. Where to buy: Gucci Boutique at Takashimaya


Anonymous said...

i honestly don't like pugs but Oliver is an exception. congrats!

Kevin said...

He is one cute little fella...hahaha.

Kevin said...

Oh speaking of the charms, the SAs told me for the cruise collection next season, cats will be released! now you can buy them for your mum!

Anonymous said...

oliver is ADORABLE. He is even cuter than my previous favorite, Brando. Great purchase, Kevin! :)

Kevin said...

Thank you Quijano! yes, Oliver is really cute. Now he is my favourite.

Anonymous said...

cats you say? yay!!!!!! i hope they make a Burmese and an tortoise Angora.

From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...

Awww so cute! I will wait for the cats though... update me when it comes out ok?

Kevin said...

Okies, once I have news will update about the cats! I do hope they have cats as well:-P I would get them.

00o00 said...

nice charm, cute dog! :D

Kevin said...

Yes, so cute eh:-) Any dog charms for you as well, Joseph?

Kevin (wagging his devilish tail:-P)

Thomsponboy said...

I have to say the pug is growing on me too despite feeling nay to it earlier.

Why not get a pug bag as well?

Anonymous said...

i have followed your blog for quite some time now... do u have most of the items that u covert? or just hope to have them... watever, wats the pointof yr blog??

Kevin said...

Hi Anonymous, whoever you are. Firstly, thanks for following my blog.

Well, whatever I own, if you read it, you will know. Whatever I want to buy, that I will mentioned again as well.

Must there always be a reason why you start a blog? Blogging is like an online diary or a venue for you to express your passion.

I did the blog becos I love fashion and shopping. I have too many bags and shoes and I do need a venue to document them. I often forget what I have acquired. Since I will have to do that, might as well start a blog about it. Share my views on things I find interesting and worthy of sharing with like minded individuals. Blogging is an effective way of sharing ideas.

Get it?:-P

9eor9e said...

Dear Kevin,

Having known, I have a LEROY for sale. Its BNWT.

Let me know if you're keen.


Kevin said...

Hi George, if you read my post, you should find out that I had a chance to exchange Oliver for Leroy..which I did not. Cos' I find oliver much cuter. SO thanks for your offer anyways!


fred said...

those gucci dog charm are so cute ;) i'm tempted to buy one to hang on my dog carrier.