Sunday, 27 July 2008

My MANy Bags News #20

Vote For Paolo!
Hello guys, it seems our fellow blogger, Paolo at is now being featured in blogger extraordinare, Bryanboy's blog. Bryanboy is setting up a vote for his readers to see who is more likable and would be more easy to get along with. Help Paolo win the vote! :-) Support Paolo! (He's the one with longer hair, bottom pic)

Good luck Paolo, I think you will be propelled to Super Stardom in blogger sphere soon:-)

Go to Bryanboy's blog to vote. Have fun:-P


DesignBox said...

Hey Kev!!!

Thanx for the post! It feels like a voting campaign for the hottest blogger!

Kevin said...

Hey Paolo!

good monday to you! Guess you must be back from the wedding. That must be really fun:-)

You are most welcome for the post. hahaha. I think you are leading the vote!:-P
Hottest blogger...not too bad a title I must say.