Monday, 28 July 2008

My Shopping Conquest #15

Kris Van Assche Black Bow Tie Long Sleeve Shirt

Here you go, the reveal from my sunday purchase!

It seems dandy chic is in this fall season. Lots of designers are offering sartorial styles, but they are more relaxed than restrictive and conservative. Lanvin, Dior Homme, Bottega Veneta and Miharaya Suhiro are good examples of dandy chic. More than ever, dressing up is dressing down. guys want to look elegant and stylish and not just in tees and jeans all the time.

I was surprise that I was able to find something during spring summer season sales that can transcend into next season's dandy chic trend. This is a great thing to happen, to be able to buy into the trends of next season at discounted prices:-) and 50% off as well!:-)

So here I am, with my new Kris Van Assche Black Bow Tie Long Sleeve Shirt:-) I know I have put Kris down for his creative reins over Dior Homme. I am not a fan of his Dior. But his own namesake label is a different story. His ideas fits the direction of his own label better and they feel more natural for his label than Dior Homme. Modern dandy and classicism do resonate well with his label.

Back to my shirt...:-P this fine piece of tailoring is a dear to behold. The most interesting aspect of the design is the little removable bow tie that slots into an opening at the neck area. You are in way being sartorial and formal with a bow tie, but not exactly wearing the actual piece of formal neckwear. Very unique and quirky in a way. Clever idea to dress formal without being too formal. Beyond this interesting feature is the exceptional cut of the shirt. Slim fitting with fabulous pleated details along the 2 sides on the back of the shirt. I love my back view for once after wearing this shirt.

To be honest, when I saw this shirt, it felt very Lanvin as well since Lanvin has been doing bow tie looks for a while now:-P Lanvin is synonymous with easy dandy styles and bow ties are abundant for fall winter 2008 looks. Check out that large bow Lanvin t-shirt! (although it is not a bow tie) I love it. (Bryanboy got this gift, worth Euro $519, from How generous and thoughtful of them!) However, I dun see myself wearing it. I rather stick with my Kris Van Assche shirt. It's cute but smart and more my style. Comes in white as well if black colour is not your cup of tea.

Pricing wise, this shirt is expensive. I still have to pay SGD$410 after a 50% markdown. Sundays should never be spent shopping:-P

Source: Model pic from Lanvin Bow Tee from

Retail price: SGD $819. Where to buy: Club 21 Mens at Four Seasons Hotel


Davine said...

Yay, a fellow Krisvanassche fan. Nice shirt, btw. I got a great sportsjacket by KvA this summer; it´s really cool. Some stuff of his, however is really pricey. I was astoundet, that the tees on luisa are always so affordable. I wish I could go shopping on sundays; it´s a so much better activity than... let´s say, boredom for example.

giancinephile said...

KVA and Dior doesn't really seem so promising but Van Assche's eponymous label really rocks!

kjinXhedi said...

The detailing on the kva shirt is really nice. Nice buy!
Many people dislike his own line, as well as what he has done with Dior Homme. I love his own line, but am upset at Hedi's absence. Still, I will still be loyal to DH :)

It seems you still have amazing sales going on. Have you check any Prorsum things? Their S/S collection is soooo nice and should be nice and cheap by now.

Kevin said...

Kris Van Assche is kinda inconsistent in his offerings. Some seasons he's good, some not so good. This season is not fantastic, but he has some amazing pieces on offer, like this shirt.:-P

My SA told me one guy bought this shirt in both black and white colour so he can swap the bow tie around:-P How cool. I was tempted. She was saying pay full price but get 2. hahaha.

And Kjinxhedi, Burberry Prosum is nice, but not really my style and sizes have run out for the pieces I wanted.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of Kris Van Assche but that dress shirt looks amazing!