Monday, 25 August 2008

Ad Campaigns & Catalogues #12

CK Calvin Klein Fall Winter 2008/2009

Time and again, CK Calvin Klein is improving on their clothing and accessories designs. Following their beautiful Spring Summer 2008 collection, this new fall sees even more great pieces being put up on offer in the stores here. The bags are most commendable as they have taken tremendous effort to design bags that are unique and yet affordable and timeless. All these steps to creating a better brand is translated into their ad campaigns as well. I blog about how I love their Spring Summer 2008 Ads and now I am even more in love with their new Fall Winter 2008/2009 ads. Shot by Mert and Marcus and featuring male model Lenz from VNY Model Management, the campaign successfully conveyed the mood of fall with the sleek and sharp silhouettes of the clothing. And in one of the pic, you can see the very beautiful tote bag in black with simple pleating on the sides. Nothing frivolous to complicate the design. I love it! You will not believe the low prices for these beauties!

However, one problem with second line clothing is the broader market it hopes to capture. In Singapore alone, there are already more than 5 CK Calvin Klein stores and outlets in one Orchard Road. Not to mention the rest of the island. It probably comes close to 8 or 9 places to sell this brand. Although the designs and prices are great, it is somewhat not very exclusive. I foresee you can buy a CK Calvin Klein bag or clothing and you can spot many people wearing or carrying the same thing as you easily. Not that I am being snobbish, CK Calvin Klein may be affordable, it ain't Gap or Zara prices. It's still considered 'pricey enough'. So the question is will you pay that kind of money and get the same level of exposure as street labels? And one theory I have that always stop me from buying CK Calvin Klein items is that since there are so many outlets in Singapore, it means the stocks are plenty. I have noticed every sale season, you can still find the items you want during the first week of sales. As I always get preview sale shopping, it's not a problem to get anything at sale price from this brand. The question is whether if you have patience.

What do you guys think? Design rules over exclusivity? Exclusivity rules over design? Let's have a poll!:-P (Base on paying full price and not during sale time)

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