Monday, 25 August 2008

A Shopping Dilemma #03

Marc By Marc Jacobs Pop Art Style 'Marc Of Jacobs' Tee

I tried on this tee on Sat. I am wondering if I should get it. Do you guys think this tee is worth to buy? I like the pop art style design, the screen dots and the huge irregular 'Marc Of Jacobs' slogan. Kinda silly and does not make sense. I always like quirky, make-no-sense fun tees. :-P This one is like those pulp comics lettering...'terror of Blah Blah Blah' nostalgia feel.

Just wondering if I should get it.

Source: Marc Jacobs


DesignBox said...

Kev I love the shorts ;P So cool!

00o00 said...

i like this tshirt, love the color and seems fun to wear! get it!

and man you have nice muscular calves. i need to go to the gymmmmmmm!

Kevin said...

Thanks Paolo!:-) I think the shorts tapers towards the it has the illusion that my legs are not so slim.

And Joseph, I have chicken legs...too's the angle of the Maybe te shorts makes my legs look better.

SO you reckon I should get the tee?:-P

I thought it is cool and fun too.

quijano said...

Kevin, get the shirt! Haha!

Anyhoo, what's your bag? It looks fab!

Kevin said...

Oh Quijano, if you click on the link on what I am wearing...the miu miu bag is hyperlink...(or check out gender bender #01 post) you will see pics of the bag. That is a ladies miu miu distressed leather tote bag with shoulder strap. I thought it worked for a guy if dress and handle right.:-)

Ryo said...

Kev, what's the color of the tee?! dark grey?! If it's grey... go get it! i want one too if it's grey! Btw, you have yet to reveal what you got inside your Marc by Marc Jacobs paper bag... pls reveal! thks!

kjinXhedi said...

The color and the design concept are great, and it looks good on you.

However, blatant logos are not my thing. I <3 S. Stefano is different, since not everyone knows their first names.

I just don't like flaunting names, even if the fit, color and art look good on you xP Just my two cents!

Kevin said...

Hi Ryo,

yes, the colour of the tee is dark grey with black felt print of the marc words. I think.

I am just unsure becos the neck part is wider than the rest of my tees. It is like a minor 'scoop neck' design.

and kjinXhedi, any comments is welcomed:-)

Kevin said...

Oh Ryo, will reveal what's inside my Marc bag this week. Have not taken pictures yet.:-P