Thursday, 28 August 2008

Ad Campaigns & Catalogues #14

The City Of Lights
Openers Mode: Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite

I came across this beautifully shot editorial from a Japanese fashion web magazine that has loads of info on many luxury brands,, despite me not understanding anything. Yahoo Babelfish to the rescue!

Featuring the much talk about Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite range of bags, the editorial done in a soft focus style, with well coordinated mood lighting conveys the mood of a handsome dashing man in different situations using these masculine bags. The strange thing about fashion editorials, they somehow draws you into the mood...and although I do not like the bags in real person, I am strangely drawn to them when seen in these pictures, espeically the tall biker boots! Perhaps, they want you to see yourself as the dashing male model with his gorgeous luggages leading a rich, glamorous and carefree jet set lifestyle. (Is there something like that exisiting in the world?) The guy in the hotel room with tonnes of the bags best represents that:-)

Which bag do you now like and see yourself in the picture with?:-P

When it comes to luxury fashion, Japanese do it best:-)



Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin

What do you think of the LV Damier Graphite Tadao?

It's 835 pounds if i purchase from UK and with the low exchange rate, it's quite a good deal, right?

Do you know the price in Singapore?



Kevin and myMANybags said...

if I remember correctly, the Tadao costs SGD $2160 in SG.

If you get it from UK, it's definitely cheaper especially with low exchange rate and tax refund.

But I am not a fan of the tadao. It's too simple. Perhaps that makes it appealing to guys. Try it for yourself, see if you like it. It's the best way to determine if you will buy a bag.

Happy shopping! Update here if you get one:-P