Thursday, 28 August 2008

A Shopping Dilemma #04

Zara Checkered Track Style Jacket

Today after work, I was out in the Orchard Road again for dinner and also to Kinokuniya to pick up some magazines. I got the latest Style and Popeye magazine. Of course, no trip to Orchard Road will be complete with a little window shopping. I do not dare step into any branded stores for fear of my 'wandering eyes' and 'weak will' to succumb to another retail temptation again. So I went to Zara and CK Calvin Klein. The latter is still not a good idea since it is not too cheap. Fortunately, nothing much in CK interests me or got me sleepless. But for Zara, I spotted this nice corduroy track style jacket which I really like. With a checkered design and elastic ribbed collar and cuffs, it is soft and very fitted. The black colour looks amazing and the checkered print is so on trend this season. I could see myself wear this anyday! So easy to match and keep warm especially on these recent rainy weather. Now I am contemplating to buy or not buy. One comforting thought, at least this is not going to break an arm or leg for my wallet. At SGD $89.90, it goes to show nice things dun always have to be branded and overpriced:-P

(Oh, I also tried on a white tuxedo shirt with a bow-tie (SGD $19.90). I look I pass it up. I love the bow-tie. Someone will make good use of that. Not me. The price is also very reasonable for a not so frequently used fashion item.)

Today I am wearing Pull And Bear T-shirt, Agnés B Dogtag necklace, Dolce Gabbana belt, snakeskin ID bracelet and jeans with White Converse Shoes and carrying my Miu Miu canvas bag.


quijano said...

The jacket looks really nice, and the price is indeed reasonable. Go get it! :)

Nathan said...

Love the jacket bud! Great for fall, and Im lovin your belt too!

Sean said...

hey can i just ask, which zara outlet did you go to? Because I went to the Marina Square outlet, and i wasn't able to find the jacket. Hope you'd help! thanks!

i'm eyeing a jacket similar to the one that you're wearing! :)


Kevin said...

this is from the taka store:-)