Saturday, 23 August 2008

Fashion Inspiration - GapMen And Huge

Gap Press Men And Huge Magazine

If I were to recommend any good fashion magazines for inspiration and trend spotting, I'd recommend the above 2 magazines. One is for runway trend reports, 6 months ahead of the clothes hitting the stores so you can prepare and plan your purchases and looks. There is even an accessory close up section for a few major brands like Lanvin, Gucci, Jil Sander etc for this latest Spring Summer 2009 issue.

As for fashion inspiration, I would give a big thumbs up for this Japanese lifestyle magazine, HUGE! This is not an entirely fashion themed magazine, but with each new season, a few issues will be dedicated to fashion, from street styles to high end luxury labels. All given superb styling and photography, with useful info. on what buyers are buying for major stores around the world (Like Colette and United Bamboo), trends for the season, editorials that sets itself apart from the Singapore or US fashion mags (which I always feel lacked creativity). Especially local ones which mostly shoots against a blank backdrop and features all the styling ideas straight from the runway. So boring! The photography styles are also always copied! Yikes! So this Japanese magazine is really refreshing.

In this October issue of Huge, gets loads of Lanvin, key fall winter trends and pieces to look out for. I love the balenciaga silver suit! hehe. So slim. But do you think the sleeves are a bit too short for the model? I have tried Balenciaga suit at Club 21...everything fits with a piece of my size, just the sleeves are short, above my wrist. Maybe it is the style of the brand. Oh and Cole Mohr is in the mag as well!

Okay, grab yours now if you are in SG! Kinokuniya is the place to go:-) Gotta go for my haircut now:-)

Retail price:
1) Gap Press Man - SGD $32.40

2) Huge - SGD $17.40

(Kinokuniya cardmembers gets 10% discount, it is worth it to subscribe!)

Where to buy: Kinokuniya Bookstore at Takashimaya

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