Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Gender Bender #28

Louis Vuitton Suhali Lockit Voyage

What is wrong with me?!?! I am blogging about Louis Vuitton twice within a 3 day period? I have never been too much of a fan of Louis Vuitton:-P Have I been slowly 'corrupted' by my fellow bag bloggers who are mostly LV fans? You guys know who you are!

Well, that will be a 'mystery' to be uncovered for another day...what I know now is I just found another bag candy that has got me drooling. This time, it's from the ladies range but again, size makes a whole world of difference and a guy can easily carry this around and look exceptionally chic! Gender Bender bags rules!

The bag I am talking about is the 'top of the LV range', Louis Vuitton Suhali Lockit Voyage in black! I cannot find any info. on the Louis Vuitton website as this could be a brand new addition to the Suhali family. I got to know about this bag from www.louisvuittonlover.blogspot.com. Excellent design and size. If it is any smaller, it looks like a handbag for gals. But at this huge size (almost 2 feet), this makes a perfect man bag. Good for travelling and using it daily. Works like a tote day to day and becomes a luggage for weekend trips.

Made from the softest goatskin and features gold brass pieces (not overwhelmingly, thank goodness!) this bag shouts pure luxury! If only I have close to SGD 8K to splurge:-P

On second look, even the Suhali GM (Price: US $3760 or SGD $5750) looks great for guys since it spans a width of 17.3 inches (43.7cm). Unfortunately, I called LV Singapore and they told me the black or white version for GM size has been discontinued. What's available is the GM size in Sienne, which is a lighter yellowish brown. How sad, I can never find the perfect version of LV in Singapore!)

1) Suhali Lockit GM pic from www.louisvuitton.com
2) Suhali Lockit Voyage pic from www.louisvuittonlover.blogspot.com

Retail price: US $5950. Where to buy: Louis Vuitton Boutiques


Allan said...

looks nice but it is it heavy? I despise heavy bags.

Kevin said...

I am not sure about the weight. yeah, it looks very nice...but no more black colour. Suhali leather is goatskin...are those lighter?

Allan said...

oh darn. I just remember people at tPF complaining about the weight of the Suhali line. This is big ass so it would be like carrying bricks. LOL

Anonymous said...

this isn't a new addition, been around for quite some time.

just that they dun really put it out front but more at the women's rtw side.

Anonymous said...

Looks okay to me. My only fav from the Suhali line is the La Fabuleux