Tuesday, 26 August 2008

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #09

Nice And Easy With Cardigan, Shirt and Shorts

Hey I have that pair of Zara checkered shorts! I blogged about the white and blue version here before. So cool, I have not seen any pics of the shorts being worn before. When mixed with navy blue cardigan and a light blue shirt, the red checkered shorts adds a gorgeous splash of colour! All 3 items make a great combination! Easy to pull off and perfect for Singapore's erratic rainy and hot weather these past few days.

Exploit the shorts look as much as you can before the summer trend is over. Anyways, Singapore is all year round summer. So this look stays relevant throughout the year here. I love shorts!

This cute guy from NYC, named Ian wears:
1) Cardigan - J. Crew
2) Shorts - Zara
3) Shirt - H & M

Goes to show, you dun have to always wear designer pieces to be chic!
BTW, I wish I had thighs like his!:-P What do you guys think of this ensemble?

Source: www.altamiranyc.blogspot.com


quijano said...


i've been wearing shorts for the past two days. and this was actually quite close to my outfit for today... only that my shorts were different... AND that he has kickass thighs/legs. :D

fred said...

love it, great oxford style

shoe-holic said...

The fact that the shirt is tucked out makes the look even more one of a kind. Plus the length of the shirt tail is just right. It would have been sloppy looking if the shirt tail was any longer. The cardigan would have been a disaster. Perfect combination. An ensemble I'd totally endorse myself. I'm a shorts and shirt guy any day.

Kevin said...

Yes Jay, I totally agree. The length of the shirt and cardi is important. He had a short shirt and cardi with varying lengths:-) Nice combo. I wear that too!