Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The Material Boy #133

Bally Jevon F Travel Bag In Opposum

My gosh, this is luxurious! I am a sucker for anything resort chic. Be it a tropical resort, or a nice ski lodge...bags that convey a decadent luxurious feel of rich, happy holiday makers makes me lust. So this Bally bag is definitely a 'to lust for' bag! I love the rich fur and the brass chain. And the shape of the bag is perfect. Manly, roomy, sexy, brilliant colour scheme (Bally named it cardamon colour)...I want this although I dun see myself using it in Singapore. I might come across as a loony if I carry this bag in the hot warm streets of Singapore.

Darn, I want to move to temperate climates so I can carry this bag for fall winter season.

Wonder how much all these fur costs? I would be stoned if I flaunt this bag in front of environment conservation activists. *Glurp*

Source: Pics for www.bally.com


Anonymous said...

This looks like you would be carrying around a long haired dog - give me a break, kev!!! The Burberry Prorsum totes for fall are much more classic and luxurious (one of which I have). And yes, I know you don't like them.

Kevin said...

Well, I like the furry bally bag. You dun have to like it for sure. I am entitled to what I like:-)