Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The Material Boy #134

Bally Leron Tote

Check out another bag candy from Bally. I am impressed with the new fall winter range. So many bags are looking very appealing to me. I could see myself buying most of the new range. WOW. Seems Brian Atwood is putting some serious creative uplifting to the Bally brand.

This is the Bally Leron Tote. It seems this bag comes in a variety of materials. There is a version in nylon and a version in sumptuous calf leather. I love the 'expresso' colour tone of the bag, unique and yet classic.

From the pics, I see an expandable side zip to give the tote extra space. Vintage finished brass hardware adorns the side flaps as studs and signature shape Bally zippers completes the openings of the front pockets. The 2 generous size front zipper pockets is a also dear to have for easy access to your belongings. I also like the fact that most of the hardware, such as buckles and zippers are branded with the Bally name. This makes the bag even more luxurious and adds exclusive character.

I simply love the design. I want to buy it!

I will definitely check with the Bally store here this weekend to find out more details.

Source: Pics from www.bally.com

They just revamped the website. So sleek now. Go check it out!

Retail price: SGD $1855. Where to buy: Bally Boutique In Singapore


DesignBox said...

Now, that is an amazing bag. I belive that Bally makes some of the best clothes and bags in the industry.

Kevin said...

That is one kick ass bag! I love love it!

fallapart said...

the canvas version actually looks decent and chic, but the full leather one looks heavy and monotonous.

i'd go for the canvas one if i'm not oh so broke!

Kevin said...

For me, leather rules over canvas!:-P

Kevin said...

Oh BTW, I am now getting heavy leathers bags so I can train my arm muscles for my future birkin:-P hehehe.

Iserf said...

Yosh Kevin! Because of this post, i went to check at Bally Raffles City just now.

Apparently it comes in 2 sizes, Leron and Lexom. The grey Leron is 1480SGD i think. While Lexom (rectangularly longer) is nearly 1600SGD and 2060SGD for the leather one.

Not in the stores yet apparently :(

Kevin said...

Hi iserf,

I too made a check at Bally Takashimaya over the weekend. It seems the leather version of Leron is pending status of being stocked. I doubt so. They will bring in most probably the nylon version. Which I do not like. But the duffel version will be in. Yes, the nylon Leron will costs around the price...or even more. I thought I saw approx. SGD $1800. Quite ex!

Peter said...

Hi, Kevin.

Like you, I'm a huge fan of Bally bags. Recently I've taken a liking for their Espri Cardamon leather shoulder bag for men. Quite versatile ... can see myself using it for work, for nights out or for just walking about. Can you share your expert opinion on this bag? Are there other options you can recommend which are similar in style & functionality? I prefer leather and with both handles & shoulder strap. I'm partial to Bally but am open to look at others. I'm all for style but won't cross over to gender-benders. I expect this bag to serve me long and well so am willing to make the investment.

Thanks and more power to your blog.

fred said...


i've check at the Paris store but the bag was not there, the SA told me it should arrived early september. i've bring back the catalogue, i just love this bag, it looks so comfy and soft.

I'm on the fence between the bally one or the gucci new kaki washed mono tote with the printed crest. But for almost the same price you have fabulous calf leather VS canvas.

What do you think ?


Kevin said...

Lucky you Fred! I think the Bally store in Singapore will only bring in the nylon version. I love the leather version..the colour is great and the design is perfect!:-) Did you find out the price?

And go for this Bally Bag...the washed Gucci canvas bag will go out of trend after this season. Unless you really like it:-)

fred said...

hi Kevin,

i think you're right, the crest print on the gucci bag will be out of trend next season, the bally one looks so fluffy and comfy. The price in euros for the espresso calft leather is 695 euros.

Will let you know


Kevin said...

Are you sure Fred? That is so affordable! I thought I saw the nylon version priced at SGD $1800....here in SG, when they showed me the catalogue.

Fred said...

Yep, the SA showed me the lookbook with the prices.


Anonymous said...