Saturday, 9 August 2008

The Material Boy #141

Hermès Steve 38 Pouch In Ebony Baobab Buffalo

I was chatting with Jay, one of my readers this Saturday morning when he asked me this question about the price of the Hermès messenger bag he saw in the shops. To be honest, although Hermès being the holy grail of bags, this brand is totally alien to me. I know nuts about pricing and range of the products they offer.

So to fulfill my own curiosity as well as to answer Jay's question, I made a trip down to
Hermès DFS Scottswalk to get a feel of 'how big a hole' my wallet is going to suffer if I made any purchase there:-P And I was not 'disappointed'. The prices were over the top. The bags are almost 'unattainable' unless I stop shopping for a few months with no taxi rides or fancy meals. That will be a tall task.

But nevertheless, window shopping is just as fun. I saw the Steve 38 Pouch in Ebony Baobab Buffalo in the glass showcase in the shop. The price tag was proudly displayed in front of the bag. Well, no surprise, the messenger bag is a darn beautiful piece of craftsmanship, but the price tag lives up to that standard as well. At a hefty SGD $10,000, you will be able to bring this baby home. For a five figure price, you are not even paying for exotic leather. Just the finest of calf leather. No special design, frivolous hardware and details, just a classic style that will last you many lifetimes. It's your call, to determine if this will be a sound 'investment'.:-P

No wonder
Hermès is the holy mecca of the world's most coveted and yet priciest bags. Because, only the select few or 'debt ridden' fanatics can afford these beauties. I tell myself I have to wait. One day....:-P

(The pale yellow smaller version is called Steve 35 Pouch in
Dust Clemence Bull Calf, all the fancy names:-P)


Retail price: SGD $10,000. Where to buy:
Hermès Boutique at DFS Scottswalk


bagcraze said...

oooo that is nice kevin!!
i'm drooling over a kelly myself right now :p

Carlos said...

Yes, Hermès is the most luxurious brand in leather quality and durability. I wanted to look for a gym bag, they showed me some small travel bags suitable for gym purpose. The cheaper one was 13,000 SGD. As I asked for a cheaper one, they said Hermès does not make cheap quality like Gucci. You can always go back to the store and renew the leather if it's altered in time.

shoe-holic said...

undisputable craftsmanship.
I love, I want, I know it is not realistic for that hefty price tag. Some things are just meant to be admired and not owned. *sigh*

MAybe when i strike toto.

Kevin said...

Hi Diana,
very nice..I agree...the price tag is also very 'nice' as well:-) Hehe. Hermes is undisputable in craftsmanship.

And Carlos...I think the quality thing for hermes is overrated. Yes, the brand makes luxurious bags, quality is top rated...but seriously, can a bag be ever worth this much? It's the craftsmanship and skill of the artisan that you are paying respect to. As for other luxury brands, they have their own quality checks and control. I dun believe their quality is as bad as what the SA told you. They would have gone bust by now if the quality is bad. And Psychologically, if you are carry a 5 figure sum bag,would you thrash it around? Of course you expensive Hermes bag will last longer. The other brand's bags are less you use them as you would.

Yes, Jay, it's a big price tag. I wanna win some toto as well.:-P

You stop buying shoes for a couple of months and you will be able to buy this bag.:-P

brieuc75 said...

it's dilemna : to buy one exceptional bag at Hermès or buy a lot of different bags in other brand...

Kevin said...

Indeed Brieuc, it's always a decision to go for one exceptional bag or many other less pricey bags. Decisions, decisions...hehe:-)