Sunday, 10 August 2008

My Shoe Collection #33

Jil Sander Navy Canvas Lace-ups

As the saying goes, 'A pair of shoe a day, makes me smiley and happy always'. Okay, okay, I invented that myself:-P But it sure does come true each time I acquired a pair of shoe. Yesterday while making my weekly 'pilgrimage' to the 'divine temple' of shopping, Club 21 Mens, I chanced upon this pair of blue navy canvas lace-ups by Jil Sander. I wanted to try on the sockless look with lace-ups instead of sneakers which I usually do. It's a 'formal-casual' thingy with shorts and tees that I want to get into. So this pair of lace-ups fits my requirement and it's my last chance to enjoy sale merchandise before the sale ends this weekend.

From the spring summer 2008 collection and at 50% discount, I thought I could 'experiment' with this shoe and see if the look works for me. I find black shoes too formal and stark, hence navy will be a good alternative. Cross my fingers for the sockless lace-up look to work for me!

I was contemplating between this Jil Sander pair and a navy leather ck Calvin Klein version. Seeing that I find that pair of leather shoe at every ck Calvin Klein store in Singapore, I decided against it. I dun want to be seen wearing the same shoe with the 'whole world'. At least Singapore, I mean. The price difference for the 2 options is SGD$50. So paying an extra SGD$50 for more exclusivity is worth every penny in my books. Plus, Jil Sander is a first line brand, unlike ck Calvin Klein which is a sub brand of its namesake. (I am seriously doing some post rationalisation to tell myself I made the right choice, which I did!:-)

This pair of lace-ups features a round toe design and a raw pale coloured wood sole and heel. Made from navy coloured canvas with leather trimmings along the edges and fully lined with leather on the insides. The minimal design is classic and non trend driven. It's special and unique in a subtle way thru the unconventional use of materials. Because the shoe is long in shape, I had to wear a size down. Well, I did not have a choice anyway, what's left in the store was this smaller size. But it fits perfect! Somehow the fates decreed that I should own this pair of shoe. A real life 'Cinderella' story?:-P

Retail price: SGD $799. Where to buy: Club 21 Mens at Four Seasons Hotel


Anonymous said...

Great purchase, Kevin! I'm glad you chose Jil Sander over Ck. :) said...

These are a great buy! I love the transitional quality of colour and the gentle contrast in the fabric and the trim.

It's great to see shoes that can be dressed up and down. But I always wonder, when people wear shoes without socks in the summer...Do you roll your pants or have your tailor take up your pants with a simple stitch and then release the hem back to original length come the fall?

Kevin said...

Hi Quijano, happy sunday! Glad you like the Jil Sander shoes as well. Thanks! I am happy I chose Jil over CK...CK is a bit mass. I would not pay SGD$350 even after a 50% discount. Their shoes are in the range of the first line brands. Totally over-rated.

And Danny, thanks! You have a good observation and description:-) Yeah, can do dressed up or down looks. I would wear these with bermudas. Or Tailored shorts. As for knee length pants, I think not very nice to take in for summer and release for winter. As the amount of fabric gathered at the leg part will be too thick to cater for both situations and look stiff and weird. So you have to make up your mind to see which pants to do the ankle length look. Unless the pants is of a very thin material.:-)

Pavel said...

i have the cut-out version of this pair (also in blue) and love it!

shoe-holic said...

Great buy!!! We are such shoe whores!!!

I'm waiting for the lanvin lace ups. TEll me if it debuts ok? haha

00o00 said...

very nice, i love it!
i find that i have to take 1 size smaller for jil sander's shoes too, i think it's the way it's cut. i have to tale 1 size down for my gucci shoes too.

you are club 21's loyal fan, christina ong loves you! and singapore retail scene loves you!

Kevin said...

Hi jay, will definitely sound you off if the Lanvin shoe debuts. BTW, they have a metallic turquoise version now in the store. You interested in that?

And Joseph, hehe...I am not a big buyer in their books. The socialites and celebrities probably am their big spenders. :-) I agree, sometimes depending on brands, you take a size up or down for shoes. It's not really universal.:-) glad you like the shoe.