Wednesday, 27 August 2008

My Shopping Conquest #20

Marc By Marc Jacobs Diamonté 'Marc' Brooch
(Reveal from 'Shopping Sunday Continues...')

A lot of guys do not like accessories or jewellery. However, I am a firm believer in adding small touches to enhance my outfit. And accessories or jewellery does the trick! They add a new dimension and sometimes glamour and sparkle to an otherwise plain ensemble. Be it something masculine, something flashy, something slightly feminine...I think if done right, anything looks great on you, regardless of gender.

Hence, after acquiring my Lanvin Grasshopper Head Jacket Pin from Club 21 mens last Saturday, I head down to Marc By Marc Jacobs for a second round of shopping (Which I got a bigger item on Sat's visit but I will reveal that on another post:-P). However, during this trip to Marc By Marc Jacobs store on Saturday, something else caught my eye. It 'inspires' me with ideas on how it could make my jackets look even more eye catching and interesting:-) Perfect for a grand event like attending a fashion show or a party. I knew I could not resist not owning it.

So here it is, I went back to buy this on the following day, Sunday....presenting the ultra 'bling' Marc By Marc Jacobs Diamonté 'Marc' Brooch in light gold! With a script-like font design, it feels like wearing Marc's handwritten signature:-) Very cool. Not really a logo and yet it says Marc Jacobs. Okay, I am a 'showoff' sometimes.

Ingenious little touches such as the drooping chain and metal gold ball (engraved with the brand logotype all around) that are attached to 'Marc' word makes this brooch even more gorgeous! I attached it on my new Zara jacket and the brooch just adds glamour when pinned onto the lapels! I am so in love with this now. Because the size of the brooch is not too big, it has just the right amount of visibility without making you look like some 'can-can' dancer.

And lastly, before I forget to mention, this is meant for the fairer gender:-P I feel a bit shy buying this at first and told the SA I wanted to give this as a present. Yeah, half of that is true, I did mean this to be a gift, but to myself:-) Dun we love to give presents to reward ourselves?:-P

(Next up soon...reveal from my Blackjack shopping bag (Blackjack is a multi-label store by Club 21 stocking cult labels like McQ, Helmut Lang, Martin Margiela, Y3, Raf By Raf Simons etc.) and of course not forgetting the big Marc Jacobs bag!:-P)

Source: Close-up product pics from

Retail price: SGD $139. Where to buy: Marc By Marc Jacobs Boutique at Ngee Ann City


NateLouis said...

Love that! Congrats, that is such a fun piece!

Kevin said...

thank you Natelouis!:-) Welcome to my blog. Hope you will continue to come back:-) Love to hear comments from you guys! I love the brooch. It's very cute. and not pricey at all.

Enjoy a good day. BTW, where are you from? US? Asia?

NateLouis said...

I always stop by bud to see whats going on in your fashion life =) lol. I am from the US, California Representin! (The name is Nathan but I used my screenname from TPF, yes Im one of those Louis addicts lol. (Love your increase in LV lately ; ) Anyways, Love the new brooch!

Kevin said...

Ahah:-) you are TPF! Now I know your name. Nice to meet you Nathan!:-) Post comment with your name:-) It's easier for me to remember you. Gald you are a fellow bag fan! I have not gotten any new LVs lately. I wish I can find the Treillis bag...would have bought that! Glad you like the Marc Brooch. It is in a way, my way of owning marc's creations, even when they are not LV. :-)

Nathan said...

Yes I am from TPF lol, and I am so with you on the Treillis! I am regreting not getting it! Its an amazing bag! Enjoy the brooch and Im sure you will be hearing from me soon with yournext endevours!

Kevin said...

Do come back nathan:-) you are most welcome here!:-)

Anonymous said...

beautiful^^ I'm desperately lookin for Chanel's brooches from last seasons's collection though. Almost impossible to get sigh.

Anonymous said...

what a fab pin kevin! i've got a similar one that says "Louis" from the men's S/S'07 runway. i love it!