Thursday, 28 August 2008

Ad Campaigns & Catalogues #13

Kris Van Assche Menswear Fall Winter 2008/2009

This is probably one of my most favourite ad campaigns for fall winter 2008/2009 now! I can't believe it, that Kris had the bold and innovative mind to do a campaign like that for his collection. I am duly impressed. Based on his runway show which features vintage washing machines, this campaign takes on cues from that presentation and was shot in L.A, in a laundromat. But if you look closely, there are underlying homoerotic theme and lots of suggestive imagery (Oh yeah, wet undershirts, suds and hot bods!). Kinda like soft porn done in an artistic way! Much much tasteful than Tom Ford's campaign which is more blatant. I love it! The scenes were entirely depicted thru the reflections from the washing machines. Very clever. It's there and yet not there! I am seriously going to pay lots of attention to his collection this season because of this 'effective' advertising!:-P

(Thanks to Paolo for posting about this! He has the most amazing content in his blog.)

Here is what Kris Van Assche's website says about the campaign:

Kris Van Assche And Jeff Burton Collaborate On A Visual Project

Designer Kris Van Assche and photographer Jeff Burton collaborated on a series of 12 layouts which will run in 12 select, international magazines as a unique advertising campaign for Van Assche’s FW 08.09 men’s collection. Photographed in Los Angeles in March 2008 in a Laundromat, the series started as an artistic collaboration for A Magazine. A Magazine is a bi-annual Antwerp-based magazine. Each issue is edited by a guest curator who freely develops the content of the issue. Van Assche is the curator of issue No 7 (on newsstands in May 08). Previous curators include Yohji Yamamoto, Martin Margiela, Martine Sitbon, Haider Ackermann. The location for the shoot, a Laundromat, was chosen based on the set design of Van Assche’s FW 08.09 runway show, for which vintage washing machines were placed alongside the catwalk. Typical for Burton’s work, the casting consists of real people and porn actors. His photographs capture the idea of seduction and sensuality, without any crudeness. Kris Van Assche, a longtime admirer of Burton, especially appreciates the poetry Jeff Burton pulls from the world of pornography : a place where it is hard to find. Beginning with September issues, 12 layouts will run in 12 select international magazines. Each layout will thus be exclusive to the magazine. The full series can be seen on

"I did not want to present a classic campaign", says Van Assche. "I wanted people to feel the excitement of this encounter between two creative people who truly appreciate and admire each other’s work. 12 different lay outs in only 12 magazines worldwide is a radically new way of looking at advertising. It is more of an artistic event".


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