Monday, 18 August 2008

The Runway Sniper #17

Lanvin Menswear Spring Summer 2009

I have done a runway sniper posts for Lanvin's mens shoes for spring summer 2009, but I thought since I am loving the clothes as well, will do another post on the clothes.

Lanvin's relaxed elegance based on sleepwear is gaining a huge following in the fashion circle. Seems all these 'slept in' look have sparked off a following from fellow designers of other brands. But being the 'pioneer' of these looks, Lanvin has taken the 'pajamas elegance' to even newer levels for their spring summer 2009 runway show.

Perfect use of muted jewel tones of emerald greens, burgundy, wine and beige colours, matched with impeccable tailoring of fabrics from denim to nylon to silk. Techniques used to give an extra twist to the clothes include pintucking, pleats, or ruching on the sleeves of a safari jacket or on a pair of pants so narrow they might have been leggings. Paired with fabric or suede thong sandals, beaded trainers or simple leather lace-ups, you feel the nonchalance without trying too hard. I especially love all the ruching(or shirring) details (which is typical for womenswear) on that electric blue jacket. I just have to have that next season! There are also the transparent orange flower brooch and thong sandals that are a must-have on my shopping list!

My favourite look of the whole show is the denim peacoat with shorts and thong sandals. Lovely combination and with the very gorgeous bag. In fact, I love almost everything, the looks look slept in but yet still beautiful. No wonder the audience gave a standing ovation to Lucas Ossendrijver and Alber Elbaz at the end of the runway show. WOW! Lanvin will be my new favourite label next season!

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Anonymous said...

Lanvin menswear keeps getting better every season. im loving the first look too. i've got this black leather orchid from YSL Rive Gauche when Tom was still at the helm. its actually a choker/bracelet but i wear it on my lapel like a buttonier on weddings and parties. reminds me of that orange plastic flowers from Lanvin. didn't they make metal flower pins in the women's collection a few seasons ago?

Kevin said...

Lanvin is one of the most consistent brands to give a very good collection each season. But for spring summer 2009, I have to say they did a most wonderful job! I love the looks and the colours and the styles and the fabrics! WOW..I am so impressed. And the little accessories is also gorgeous.

I am not sure about the women's metal flower pins...but they do fabulous accessories.

I love the first look! hehe

Will you want to get any pieces?


Anonymous said...

Hello, ManBag here...I've been attracted to Lanvin but I've always found their clothes to be incredibly overpriced. I may get a pair of the black suede low-tops with black patent trim this season - it will be the first piece of Lanvin to enter my closet. My favorite collection of S/S '09 is Burberry Prorsum without question!!! I might spend all of my money there exclusively in the spring!!!

Ryo said...

Hi Kev! i have a question... does the Lanvin boutique at Wisma Atria carries the same stuff as Club 21 Men?

Kevin said...

Hi Ryo,

To answer your question:-)

Lanvin at wisma atria do not stock the runway collections for menswear. I believe they only carry the women's runway range. Not a lot, I must say.

The menswear they have in store are basic business shirts, suits, ties etc. Not the exciting range of runway items.

As for club 21 mens, they have the runway collections.:-)

Ryo said...

Hey Kev... Thanks for the info... so that's the difference! I'm heading down to Club 21 tomorrow... will definitely go and take a look at the Lanvin's collection... hopefully i can find something i like! :)

Kevin said...

Good luck! They have some nice jackets. The range is small for the time being as they are waiting for more new things to arrive:-)

Allan said...

love their jacket and shoes. must go to Paris again.

Kevin said...

Yes, Paris! Paris! Love to be there as well!