Friday, 5 September 2008

The Material Boy #154

Cornelian Taurus By Daisuke Iwanaga Large Leather Tote

Recently I have blogged much about all the big name brands. Sometimes it gets too overbearing and I start to look for alternative labels who offer great designs but just less known. I chanced upon this very beautiful leather tote by this relatively unknown Japanese label ' Cornelian Taurus'. Apparently after googling over the internet, I found out this brand is designed by Daisuke Iwanaga.

This is from one website's description:
The designer and brand creator Daisuke Iwanaga has an industrial approach to the design of handbags and uses high quality leathers tanned in Japan. Through details such as heavy bronze parts taken from boats and combined to Japanese handicraft, the brand shows Japanese identity. Holding it is a new experience and discovery, a moment of happiness which should bring pride and strength to each one.'

No other info as of this post that I can share. But one thing is for sure, this bag just looks good. Apparently, Browns Fashion in UK likes to offer alternative brands for their customers. So this wonderful tote is a welcome addition to their shopping options.

So what do I like about this tote bag? First things first, the plaited handles is one of the features that gets me attracted. It seems like the wrappings on the handle of a samurai sword, very masculine and interesting:-) As if you are tote some 'weapon'. Next is the pleated or folded detailing on the 2 sides of the bag linking the handles. This breaks the monotony of just a plain piece of leather. I also like the inverted pocket-like flaps on the sides which adds visual interest. With dimensions of
width 45cm, height 35cm and depth 18cm, this tote bag should be generous enough for all your belonging. This is trendy, simple and yet timeless bag that will match well with lots of styles.

Retail price: UK 695 pounds. Where to buy:

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