Friday, 5 September 2008

The Material Boy #155

Gucci Studded Wrap Belt

It's Friday! My favourite day of the week. Especially so for evening time:-) Always in a great mood. Tonight was no exception. I met up with my longtime school mates whom I have not seen for months! Can't believe it...we used to meet almost every week and now we rarely see each other. Originally a 4 person group..the group is now down by one since one friend is out stationed for work, actually just an excuse for the girlfriend in HK. Oh well, now 3 of us are gossiping about that. I think his ears must be really itchy tonight. Hahaha. Was really funny.

I had met up with one friend first before the third friend joins us. So 2 of us went shopping before settling for dinner at Paragon. We went price enquiring for the Louis Vuitton Graphite Tadao as my friend had been regretting not getting that in Hong Kong last weekend. The Tadao apparently is out of stock in Ngee Ann City store despite having 2 pieces on display, one on the shelf and the other at the window display. Strange. One display piece is reasonable and welcomed by discerning shoppers so you get a brand new piece anytime you buy from the shop. But 2 pieces that is not for sale is a bit hard to believe. I have been told before Louis Vuitton do not sell display pieces. In a way, I am impressed they have integrity towards their merchandise. although sometimes I feel they overdo it by having so many display pieces not for sale.

Nevertheless, the SA tracked down the last piece in Singapore and it was in the DFS Scottswalk store. At a price of SGD $2160, my friend is definitely considering. We walk out of the store empty handed, after browsing thru the clothing and belts. I love the winter down jackets on offer. One of them costs around SGD $1550 and was a stunner:-P I also checked out the graphite belts but feel it was not very me. So decided against it. I also tried on the Illusion Glitter sunglasses which I have been thinking about for the longest time to buy, but never got to do that.

We then proceed to other stores like Hermes, Gucci and Bally. But could not find anything. Nothing seems to caught our eyes. We went to Paragon and the same happened. Seems this season, there is a serious lack of things that are interesting or practical to buy. Gucci managed to get us excited with a nice long brown moleskin jacket(featured in the ad campaign) and the tall riding boots. But for me, the best item for the evening of window shopping was the Gucci Studded Wrap Belt. Definitely a strong statement piece. Very chic. The long double twirl wrap around belt decorated throughout the entire leather belt looks stunning. The metal buckle ends is also beautiful with one of them branded with the Gucci name. I love it. Just could not imagine a way to work it or wear it day to day. This belt is too specific to one look, the bohemian rock star look which is kinda hard to pull off all the time. I have to ponder the possibilities before I can commit to spending SGD $820 for it. But it looks very nice. I am seriously tempted. Maybe I can wear it with skinny jeans and a simple tee with gladiator style sandals. Wonder if that will work, cos it is one of my regular style. Maybe I will try that tommorrow. Weekends are the best, cos you can shop and shop and shop!

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Retail price: SGD $820. Where to buy: Gucci Boutique at Paragon


shoe-holic said...

Where's the LVOE reveal?

I need a new bag too. Bag shopping today it is! Oh Hermes!!!

Kevin said...

LVOE reveal...mission report posted:-P

Happy Hermes Shopping. The 10K bag is spotted in Hermes Taka yesterday. I think you probably get that. :-P Must update if you do!

Anonymous said...

today i bought the new cruise gucci bag, nylon white, very very happy, and some more items