Thursday, 4 September 2008

My MANy Bags News #23

Louis Vuitton x Comme Des Garçon Opens In Tokyo!

For all the LV and Comme Des Garçon fans...the wait is finally over. The pop up shop in Aoyama district, Japan is the only place where the very exclusive and limited Rei Kawakubo's LV creations can be bought or ordered. Something I am sure the hardcore LV collectors will not want to miss. The opening was attended by Japan's elite, celebrities and fashon editors alike. The interior design of this temporary (3 months only) store features gray concrete walls and finishing of metal and steel, very reminiscent of a Comme Des Garçon environment. I like the wall mounted display. Interesting:-P

Hurry for those LV collectors who wants to get their hands on special designed bags from this once in a lifetime collaboration. 3 months and start counting!

For me, I think I will passed. I feel the designs are kinda ugly in my books. Sorry Comme Des Garçons fans. Nevertheless, I foresee lots of people queuing to get anything from this special range. The prices start from 78,750 yen, or $726, for a 12-centimeter-tall rectangular bag to 194,250 yen, or $1,790, for the duffel.

On a last note, where's Marc?

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NagaDDB said...

Marc shouldnt be caught dead anywhere near those things. I called them things because it look like something that you would "design" (again I use the word design loosely here because those hideous thing is far from what you would call a design) if you were playing with a pair of scissors in the dark.

No wonder Rei looked so miserable.

Kevin said...

Bad smile, bad design...:-P

00o00 said...

yea, why is rei not smiling?!
i am semi looking forward to CDG for H&M!

Kevin said...

Probably too pissed off that she has created hideous bags for LV. Hahaha.

thompsonboy said...

The CDG for H&M preview is out now..not too shabby as compared to these 'shite'