Thursday, 18 September 2008

The Material Boy #163

DSquared2 Low Rise Skinny Jeans Fall Winter 2008/2009

I have not been missing DSquared2 since they were taken out of Club 21's brand portfolio for this fall winter 2008/2009 season. That is until I saw this pair of jeans in close details from the photos on this ebay auction by boombayeh. Oh's skinny, it's a runway piece, it has interesting details like washed leather pocket flap, leather zipper pulls and most unique of all, a fray tartan patch sewn to one of the back pockets. Absolutely cute and interesting. D2 usually looks cheap and not worth its price at first glance, but if you study the item close enough, you spot many unique detailings which set them apart from other brands. And of course, denim is their strength and the cuts makes a man feel sexy! And with this ultra low rise skinny version, I am sure, you are going to raise a few brows and attention when you go clubbing in this.

Sexy! Can't wait for D2 to surface in Singapore next spring summer season for a full-on boutique!

(BTW, bid at your own risk...I am not 'advertising' for the ebay auction, I just like the jeans and am using the photos by the seller. They are very well taken to show the details.)

Source: boombayer

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