Monday, 22 September 2008

The Material Boy #164

Kris Van Assche Mens Accessories Fall Winter 2008/2009

Interesting is the word I have to described Kris Van Assche's line of men's accessories for fall winter 2008/2009. Somehow, amidst all that understated appearance of the shoes, belts and ties...there is something quietly mesmerising underneath...slowly captivating me:-)

Let's start with the shoes, the brown high cut boots which appears plain and nothing out of the oridinary...but the colour being just a brilliant shade of brown. The strategic placement of the zippers twirling around the top of the shoe is like the icing on the becomes not only functional but blends naturally as an extension of the design rather that an after-thought. I felt that was really clever.

As for the high cut sneakers, the diagonal placement of the velcro straps again forms a skeletal pattern which are both functional and yet adds design appeal to the shoe. Again, functionality build on good design.

Next comes the belt, braided belts are nothing to shout about. We see those around all the time. But if you examine the way the leather has been braided...that is when you appreicate this belt. The braiding is really special and intricate! I would love to own this belt in brown. Would go great when you want to pull off an elegant look. The odd shaped buckle also adds a surprise to the otherwise formal looking belt. From these designs, I wonder if Kris like things assymmetrical. Maybe this is his inspiration. Strange thought but it somehow works

Lastly, I also like the ties. The very 'gentlemen' checks tie in the most dashing grey. I love the way the check pattern blends to the background and not get contrasted too much. Very pleasing to the eye and definitely makes the wearer look suave and sophisticated.

In summary, I love all these pieces from Kris van Assche. I wonder why it never got much exposure. Maybe it is too understated to form an impression. Why can't he make things like that for Dior? Did he keep all his better ideas for his own brand instead of Dior?:-)

What do you guys think? Dior Homme or Kris Van Assche is better ?

Retail price
1) White Sneakers: Euro $533 and available at

2) Braided Belt: Euro $440 and available at

3) Plaid Tie: Euro $85 and available at



Wax said...

The white hi-top sneaks are to die for!! *drools*

Anonymous said...

those boots are to die for. but uhm, I choose Dior Homme and bring back Hedi Slimane please.

Kevin said...

Those YSL man's heels are super cool!

yea, I agree, Bring Hedi Back!

and Wax, yeah, the sneakers are really cute.

I do like Kris Van Assche.:-)

Anonymous said...

yeah i love love love the YSL boots with the heels. I can't find anything to wear with it, so all I could do is stare at it on the the display holding a bucket to contain my drool.

alfred said...

hey kevin, any idea how much the tie or belts would cost?

Allan said...

I read somewhere that Hedi had a new agreement with Dior. I don't know what happened with that.

And I agree, those high top sneakers are hot. Are they cheaper than Lanvin high tops?

Kevin said...

Hi Alfred,

Have no idea what the costs for the belt and tie. Maybe you can check if these are available in Club 21 mens since they carry Kris Van Assche.

And Allan, yeah, heard rumours about Hedi getting back to fashion:-) Hopefully soon!

Fatah said...

I prefer Kris's own line even though cant really wear them.

Like the majority i find the white sneakers very sexy, but the brown leather boots sexier..

Kev, i heard LV released agenda in miroir, what do u think of that?

Kevin said...

I have no faith in patent metallic leather unless it is used sparingly in the right places. It is too fragile.

As for the mirror agendas...I dun use agendas, so I will never buy them. But to be honest, I do not like them. I rather buy the luggage patch work agendas. those are cuter.:-)

freshmess said...

omg i love the 1st pair!