Sunday, 21 September 2008

The Runway Sniper #18

Antonio Marras Menswear Spring Summer 2009

It has been brought to my attention that Club 21 mens will be bringing in a new label into their brand portfolio in lieu of the recent absence of several brands in their store. (Brands like DSquared2 and Paul And Joe are no longer among the offerings in Club 21 Mens. DSquared2 is going to get their own boutique in Singapore with a new retailer while Paul and Joe is simply not doing well in sales.) Apparently, my SA told me that Club 21 being the forerunner of Singapore's fashion retail scene, who is constantly on the lookout for new and interesting brands to offer to the fashionites of urban Singapore, will bring in Antonio Marras Menswear for Spring Summer 2009 season. Good news for us! We will have another new label to 'toy' around our dress up game here in sunny tiny Singapore!

I have not paid attention to Antonio Marras before. I have heard about him because he was the creative director at Kenzo womenswear. As for his own namesake label, not much exposure has been given, except on some runway looks magazine like Gap Press Men. But usually a single page feature. I have never detected what a gem of a designer he is! I check up on his Spring Summer 2009 offerings and am duly surprised at how wearable and quirky his designs were. Check out those school boy looks with cute shorts, vests and exceptionally fun brooches with a sartorial appeal. The clothes featured a wrinkled and washed treatment that somehow injects a certain nostalgic quality. These pieces feel like they came out of your family's treasure trove. I love the elegance and yet nonchalant mood the looks conveyed. Somehow I feel time transported to early 1900s. Beyond the clothes, the colour blocking style on the bags with muted colour tones are also very appealing. They look vintage especially with a touch of scarf tied onto the handles:-) Beautiful.

This is going to be one label I will be on the lookout for next season.



Anonymous said...

Well his designs are nice and wearable for his own line. But when I was in Italy I couldn't fish anything out of his store to my likings. You might like it tho.

Kevin said...

I guess with every season, designers comes up with different themes...and not every season will be appealing all the time. I like his spring summer 2009 season. I am excited at the prospect of being able to now buy them next year:-P The brooches and bags are cute!

Allan said...

so it's ok now for men to tie scarf in bags? told you, sissyfication is in.


Kevin said...

of course it is acceptable. except those scarfs are meant to wipe whatever the boys need to...and not solely for cosmetic purpose like ladies scarves do:-P

so do you call that sissyfication? It's more functional purpose:-p

I know I would like that scarf and bag. :-P

Kevin said...

Sissyfication has a rippling effect and has now grown its influence:-P maybe soon it will make it to the dictionary as a official word:-P

Bengt said...

I like the cardigan in the second photo. And the bag looks good too, and the pants too! Lolz, I love the whole look! It's so me!

Anonymous said...

not sure about the scarf-tied-on-bags look. but the clothes are definitely up my alley.

Wax said...

His designs are amazing. I wish it would be accessible here in Manila soon.

You guys are so lucky to have a department store like Club 21!

Jens said...

Sissyfication = mens liberation.
We men have too few options. Sissyfication makes it ok to tie a scarf to your bag and do other things. Long live this movement!

Kevin said...

Well said:-) and do whatever and whenever...just as long you dun strut down the streets in a skirt:-P that is sissyfication gone wrong:-P

Jens said...

Oh, Kevin, I like skirts.. Marc Jacobs looked good in one.. But I know what you mean.
Someone should start a blog called sissyfication. Who came up with that word anyway..?

Kevin said...

Hi Jens,

from what allan said, he got the word from bryanboy.:-P

hahaha. what a hilarious word.