Saturday, 6 September 2008

My Bag Collection #36 - TOP PRIORITY!



Mission Report No: #290808

Mission Reference: 'From HK With LVoe'

Mission Assigned Codename: TREILLIS_GOYARD

Mission Objectives:

To track and secure elusive Core Subject A 'Louis
Vuitton Treillis Bag' or Secondary Subject B 'Black Goyard St. Louis Tote GM' from enemy retail hunters and ensure safe passage for either subjects back to base camp, K.E.V.I.N in Singapore.

Mission Commander:
Captain Kevin. O (aka myMANybags)

Field Officer Assigned: Special Agent 'C.K.J'

Mission Recap:


1) 1530hrs: Mission Briefing executed thru secure SMS transmission from Captain Kevin to Special Agent 'C.K.J'. Special agent 'C.K.J' acknowledged mission objectives and will infiltrate enemy 'retail' base of Hong Kong. Constant SMS contact will be maintained once Core Subject A or Secondary Subject B has been located. Agent 'C.K.J' is to infiltrate relevant subject's home camp, make contact with attending home camp associates and report number statistics on subject's value and presence. Agent 'C.K.J' is to depart for enemy base in Hong Kong from Singapore Changi Airport at undisclosed hour aboard secure aircraft on 29.08.2008.


1) 1502hrs:
Captain Kevin received first mobile voice transmission from Special Agent 'C.K.J'. Update reports failure to located Core Subject A ' Louis Vuitton Treillis Bag' in flagship home camp in Hong Kong Island, Landmark. Agent 'C.K.J' falls back on secondary plan B and seek assistance from home camp associate to locate Core Subject A thru their internal computer tracking system. Unfriendly and hostile home camp associate declined to render assistance based on lame reasons of unavailability of time. Plan B aborted before further 'hostility' could be engaged from infuriated Agent 'C.K.J'.

2) 1520hrs:
Agent 'C.K.J' proceeded to alternative search area, Sector B 'Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong'. First stop in Sector B, 'Camp Goyard'. Agent C.K J is pleased to report success in tracking Secondary Subject B 'Black Goyard St Louis Tote GM'. Value statistics were also gathered on secondary subject B. Agent 'C.K.J' proceeds to consult Captain Kevin on possible acquisition of core subject B based on statistical value of HKD $8800. Captain Kevin responded and instruct Agent C.K.J to hold acquisition until furthur consideration.

3) 1530hrs:
Agent 'C.K.J' sent another voice transmission to Captain Kevin to report he has left 'Camp Goyard' for 'Camp Louis Vuitton Peninsula Hotel'. Upon further interrogation of Camp Louis Vuitton associate Kathryn, unexpected trackdown of elusive Core Subject A 'Louis Vuitton Treillis Bag' was SUCCESSFUL! Code red alert to Captain Kevin. Elusive Core Subject A sighted and inspected. Detailed analysis of Core Subject A reveals impeccable precision in construction and unparalleled aesthetic qualities. However as Core Subject A is classified 'E
dition Limitée' and being sole survivor from enemy retail hunters in Hong Kong, Agent C.K.J was not able to temporary secure Core Subject A for 24 hours pending further consideration from Captain Kevin. Captain Kevin reacted with utmost zest and in faster possible speed to transmit final orders. Orders marked TOP PRIORITY was sent immediately to secure and apprehend Core Subject A at statistical value of HKD $13,400. Secondary Subject B is to be abandoned and to safely escort Core Subject A 'Louis Vuitton Treillis Bag' back to Singapore asap. Agent C.K.J exchanged credit swipes with 'Camp Louis Vuitton Peninsula Hotel' and reports CONFIRMED ACQUISITION of Core Subject A. ETA of Core Subject A to Singapore will be 31.08.2008, 2200hrs, local time. Transmission closed. Minimal hostilities encountered and all crossfires avoided. Captain Kevin is pleased to report smooth precise execution of phrase 1 of mission 'Treillis_Goyard'.


1) 1816hrs:
Arrangements to pick up Core Subject A from Agent C.K.J at Bus Stop, Maxwell Food centre, Singapore. Captain Kevin happily took over custody of Core Subject A and proceed under secure escort of subject to Base Camp K.E.V.I.N.

2) 1915hrs:
Core Subject A arrives at Base Camp K.E.V.I.N. Mission Closed. Mission 'Treillis_Goyard' declared a resounding SUCCESS!

Mission Notes: Core Subject A 'Louis Vuitton Treillis Bag' will provided unlimited fabulous 'monogramouflage' cover for Captain Kevin's highly evolving shopping conquest uniforms and adds 'immense jealousy' in enemy retail hunters.

Mission Grading:

Mission Expenditure:
HKD $13,400
( Finally, the final SGD Amount is $2505.06)
Trackdown Base Camp:
Louis Vuitton</a> Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong


hiroooki said...

so , do u have msn?? shall we chat on msn :)

Nathan said...

Kevin, I LOVE it! Congrats so much man!

From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...


Kevin said...

Thank you Alvin and Nathan:-) This is one of those bags that has luck on my side to find. Was not expecting to get this bag at all when I sent my friend scouting for it in HK. It just so happened. I was really surprised.

The bag is just the right size for me...I LVoe it! Not too big and bulky.

Wax said...

Kevin, you must be so ecstatic to finally own the bag!! It's really to die for! Congrats! ;)

hairi said...


Anonymous said...

i think this was meant to be. congrats!!!! the Treillis is just fantastic. i've never been this nuts about a bag before.

Kevin said...

thank you everyone! Yes, I am ecstatic to be owning this bag. It's so nice! I love it. The style is just so easy to go with lots of things.

But one little bag mishap (again! Oh darn, wonder why I am so unlucky). I discovered a little abrasion on the cowhide leather portion of the handle. needle hole size peeling off of the top layer of the leather. It's very minor. Cannot really tell. But since it is new..I just dun feel happy about it.:-( I am fussy on new bags. So I went to LV DFS Scottswalk to see what can be done. They will get back to me on the availability of spare parts, that leather strip and what is the process of the replacement. So we shall see what happens. Anyways, the cowhide leather will get stains and scratches easily since it is the handles. Which is the most high stress area of the bag. So I am not really too upset. If it can be replaced...that is the best. But I am sure it can be replaced, just the timing.:-) I will still use the bag. It's gorgeous!

And thanks Nathaniel, yes, I did it! hahaha. Ala SATC...and I was being a bit more creative for the post. glad you like it.

And Mr Duck...I am officially a member of the Treillis club! hehe.

00o00 said...

what kevin wants kevin gets!
congrats, i love love love the monogramouflage range. i hope to get something from this range someday (which when i decided will be loooong gone!)

modellllling pics!!!

alfred said...

congrats kevin! its sooooo nice! yes u should be fussy about new bags! if new things got problem = heartpain! haha enjoy!

MICHAEL said...

Peninsula, not "Peninsular".

Kevin said...

Hahaha..that will have to wait. Next up should the 'Apartment Owners' club. I need money for my 1st downpayment first! hahaha. Birkin is almost like a third of any condo downpayment. Oh my.

shoe-holic said...

nevermind you can sleep in your birkin ha ha

Kevin said...

Oh yes, unless it comes with an apartment with bag storage space:-P

Hahaha...cannot lah. Too old to only buy bags.:-P

Kevin said...

And Joseph, thanks! Hehe..yes, what I want..I get....hopefully that will stay true for all aspects of my life. If I were only that lucky...bags at least I can:-P

Model pics coming soon! I love the treillis despite some small flaw.:-P

Anonymous said...

great report and congrats!

Kevin said...

thanks Freshmess:-P Just being silly sometimes. :-P

Kevin said...

Seems the treillis is indeed off the racks in Singapore. just called LV this morning. There is one display piece in NAC...but that is not for sale. LV do not sell display pieces. Strange eh? :-P

Louis Vuitton Addicted said...

Congrats on your Treillis!! It really looks great on you :)

Kevin said...

Thank you! I love the Treillis Bag despite a minor flaw on the leather of one of the handles.:-P Love your blog:-) too! I am a newly converted LV fan:-P

trash-star said...

Hi Kevin,
I am currently really interested in buying Treillis bag after seeing your blog and mission :)
However, I could not find anywhere in Australia so I ended up looking on eBay. I am just wondering is Treillis bag supposed to come with date code? If yes, where can I find it? There is one seller claimed that the bag does not have one, so I am abit worried that I am buying the replica one. I will really appreciate your help. Thank you! Love you blog!

Kevin said...

Hi Trash Star,

inside one of the internal pockets on the side there is a leather tag stitched to the side. It has some numbers debossed onto the leather tab. Is that the date stamp?

I assume that is. SO ask the seller to take a pic of that and send to you:-) Hope you get a authentic treillis bag! And a word of caution, there are indeed fakes available online for sale.