Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The Material Boy #153

Gucci Tri-Colour Wingtip Lace Ups

It's been a while since I blog about an item of Gucci that I love. No, the leather jackets I blogged about recently was an unattainable love. So that does not count. And I will never spent SGD$10,000 on a leather jacket that goes out of style in six months. For that matter, anything that is so easily off trend.

But this pair of tri-colour lace ups by Gucci for fall winter 2008/2009 is a different story. I love the purple version! Love the combination of colours. It's classic and yet quirky with a splash of colour. The nice wing tip and brogue style design is perfect for those dressy occassions.

I doubt here in Singapore, we will ever see the likes of something this 'colourful' in the stores. The customer base of Gucci in Singapore seems to be the uncles and brand wannabes who wants huge logos. The buyer just conveniently assumes everyone else follows, I think. They bring in the worst looking items of the seasonal collection. It is always a disappointment to shop runway looks in Gucci Singapore. Hopefully that will change for Spring Summer 2009, cos' that is a season that I absolutely see myself liking many things.

Meanwhile, some colour to lighten up the sombre mood of winter with this 'cute and serious' lace ups:-)

Source: Pics from and

Retail price: SGD $920. Where to buy: Gucci Boutique at Paragon


00o00 said...

yea i saw those, very very nice

where's the HK LV reveal!! my neck is achiiiiing already! :P

Kevin said...

Coming soon...coming soon...have not taken pics yet leh. lol. Pardon me...sorry for the wait.

jeremy said...

Hi there.. I did drop by the stores today (Gucci at Paragon being one of them) and I saw the orange coloured pair!! :)
Not the purple ones though.. Couldn't recall the price.. I think around SGD900 odd.

Kevin said...

I knew it. They will never get in the more 'funky' colours:-P It does not surprise me:-P

hirooooki said...

hey, it's me, i saw a guy in orchard, and i thought it was u, and i walked to him and asked: hi fabulous, r u kelvin?" but he said: " no, i am not, I'm samantha jones"

u know it's very hard to recognize u just from the appeal.....haha

Kevin said...

Hahaha, I like that guy's response. So funny:-P