Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Who's That 'Gal'?

Little 'Miss' Muscle Hunky Korean Model

In continuation to Cole Mohr in a Marc By Marc Jacobs's the Korean's take on the 'cross dressing' style at the Koreans' M By MJ runway show.

I think this looks horrible on this butch muscle guy. (Not that he is ugly...) Even for any guy for that matter. At least, choose someone more petite and androgynous for the part. Oh well, fashion impact for the shows. It does spice things up for conversation afterwards. Whoever tried out this look, send me a pic. I admire your courage:-P But definitely not my cup of tea.

(I wonder how the Korean model feel about wearing this walking down the runway in front of so many people. He still managed pull off that sultry model stance...amazing!)

Anyone dare to try?



Allan said...

sissyfication is the new black. lol

Kevin said...

Well said! hahaha

DesignBox said...

Never never never!

Bengt said...

I don't have the guts to wear a fuchsia dress.. I'd scream if someone can pull this off..

Kevin said...

This is taking fashion a bit too far. I can't imagine anyone walking down the streets in this.:-P except Bryanboy maybe:-)