Saturday, 25 October 2008

Kevin in UK...Part Three

Below: View from the top...Hastings Country Park

The sea and the wharfs, fishing boats in the distant

Below: Obligatory picture to prove I was friend complained how typically asian

Jenny Lind Pub for lunch and beer!

Below: Nice little streets...I love these streets!

Below: Fish And Chips!...Seaside towns must haves!

Below:Net Shops...for drying fishing nets. Unique to Hastings.

Below: It's Bonfire time! We all love to play with 'fire', look how excited these weirdos can get!

Below: Fireworks! I have clips of that that is much better capturing the scene:-p

Burn Thee Burn!

So here's part 3 of Kevin's adventures in UK. To be honest, by putting off writing the travel posts, I somehow find it difficult to recapture the excitement that was had when I just visited these places. Maybe it's post holiday blues starting to creep in. Yikes. It's a scary thought. I want more holiday! I miss L0ndon and the shopping and all the cute guys running around in town and tube stations in nice corporate outfits. Yummy.

This 3rd installment of UK adventure continues with a visit to Hastings, a sleep seaside town that was once in glory and now sort of being 'forgotten'. But nonetheless, it's still retains some old world charm with the architecture and not forgetting the typical seaside scenes of a pier and fun fair, amusement park rides!

My friends wanted to get new carpets for the 'refurbishing in progress' I accompanied them to this nice old antique shop which incidentally stocks a whole lot of nice oriental style carpets from middle east. Amazing how much trinkets he has in the shop. And best of all, he lets you bring the carpets home to test them before buying. Talk about trust in business. My friend offered to pay a deposit, but he said no need, only name and address will do. WOW! In the end we scurried away with 2000 pounds worth of carpets, no questions asked.

We headed for lunch then in a nice old pub after my frantic photo taking. (My friends were seriously 'impressed' I can snap at everything! hehe) Had some chicken salad which was divine and of course beer. And while at the pub, we found out there will be a big bonfire event in the evening in line with Guy Fawkes day. It's traditional in UK to burn the image of Guy Fawkes for trying to blow up parliament back in the old days. So dun make a foolish mistake to commit an atrocious be burn yearly for eternity as a punishment! :-P

I was excited...never seen a bonfire before, much less something this big. So we returned in the evening to witness huge bonfire and all the funny dressed people from the Bonfire Society. It seems fire drives them crazy! The finale for the event was spectacular fireworks on the was 'blown' away!


00o00 said...

hastings is a beautiful place, i think it's en route to brighton, no?

the weather was glorious!

Kevin said...

Yes, it is on the way to Brighton, I think. At least in the same direction. The weather has been very kind to me. There is only an afternoon of showers when we went to Turnbridge Wells. That was a beauitful mid size town! My friend mentioned that the town was liked by the Queen and got some special status. So cool. I really enjoy these small towns:-) It's quaint and has character.