Friday, 16 January 2009

The Material Boy #214

Alexander McQueen Tan Leather Tote

I have seen this Alexander Mcqueen Tan Leather Tote Bag in person during my London holiday last Oct. And it left a good impression on me for the design and versatility this bag. Absolutely fabulous for match up with winter coats, leather jackets and jeans. The light weight of the bag also amazes me since I was expecting the bag to weight a tonne with it's full leather construction. It was actually almost effortless to carry! There could be so many good things I can say about this bag.

However, the reason why I did not get it then was becos I already had in mind the YSL Men's Besace Bag and the full price of £722.00 was too pricey for me.

Yesterday, I went online again to check out the further reductions offered on, I was duly suprised! This bag, in brown, is now further marked down to just £388.00! (will be cheaper without UK VAT for international orders!) That is an incredible price for a full leather bag of this quality! Remarkably rich tan leather, a bit aged on its glossy patina with matte brass buckle hardware that all adds up to a masculine and yet beautiful bag. Perfect in size, neither too bulky nor too small. This tote also has an exterior zip pocket for easy access to commonly used items and a buckled flap pocket for any extras. The sturdy construction means it can withstand your laptop's weight and you can bring it everywhere.

I would grab this bag in a heartbeat if I had not been buying too many bags recently. Perhaps some of you will be interested in another 'gem' of online shopping and further sales:-P I love to share good shopping bargains.

Comes in a deep green colour as well, but that is still retailing at a lesser discounted price of £488.00. I wonder why...isn't the brown one more classic in colour?

Source: Model pic from

Retail price: UK 788 pounds. Where to buy:


Anonymous said...

kevin,i want to ask you,do we need to pay the VAT when we buy things here at matches?

Kevin and myMANybags said...

If you are from outside of UK,then VAT is exempted. During checkout, when you choose international orders, the VAT is automatically excluded from the total amount.

Point to note, Matchesfashion and many other UK shopping sites, like browns will first send you a confirmation order, only when they are able to process your credit card and also locate the item you ordered in their stores, will they send you a final order notice with a tracking number. So being sent a confirmation at the initial stage do not ensure 100% you will get your order:-) However, having said that, it should not happen too often. But during further sales, it might as stocks are clearing fast and the website is not updated as soon as they want to. So be ready for such a scenario. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

thanks you...for those detailed info...

we could grow up together said...

i know! i knew you had the same murse, and me so jealous. then came the sales, and my friend POISON GIRL bought it at 40% off, then now, i got it 60% off! yippy!

when are you gonna buy that PS1 in large size? hehe

Anonymous said...

Dear Kevin,

This Alexander Mcqueen Tan Leather Tote Bag is gone. I was thinking of getting this bag but i can't find it anywhere at Probably out of stock. This tote look wonderful & a good buy, quite disappointed though.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

it's still just did not click on the right link:-)

here you go:

Fatah said...

Kevin, finally my 3 shoes from Matches arrived! i'm so happy!! they did a good service from the start and when i had question they did a follow up.. and now i'm certain there will be more to come from Matches... thnx for introducing them..