Saturday, 17 January 2009

Shopping Saturday...'17 Jan 09 Edition'...

Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Prada, CK Calvin Klein and...YSL!

Yes, another weekend after a busy week of work...I head off to Orchard Road to get my haircut to look 'pretty' for the coming Chinese New Year. But I made arrangements to meet up with my long time school mates for an afternoon of shopping, shopping and more shopping!

Upon the completion of my haircut appointment, I head down to CK Calvin Klein at Forum, Shopping Mall to kickstart my shopping saturday:-) The spring summer collections have hit the store and Claudia, my SA was kind enough to inform me since last weekend. I did not get anything last weekend, as it was my 'research' weekend. So after a full week of pondering, I decided, will be time for me to SPEND, SPEND and SPEND! I pick out 3 tees, 1 in a happy summery hue of cream yellow, 1 in seafoam green and the other in deep ocean blue. However, CK Calvin Klein sizing is always too big for me on the sleeves and the body, so my kind SA Claudia always happily offered me to get it altered free of charge:-) So I got dressed, 'pinned' and happily parade the latest summer wear of CK Calvin Klein. The yellow tee was a letdown as the shoulders were too wide and it did not look good. Claudia pointed that out to me which I feel was very professional of her, since she does not only want to sell the clothes, but she is also honest about what looks good on me or not:-) I love the creamy she offered me an alternative of a short sleeve yellow shirt in a fantastic papery fabric and it looked amazing (I just need to shorten the sleeves:-) So happily, I paid (or sign up for more baked beans) for the 3 new tops...and was informed I will get my alterations done by next Sat, just in time for Chinese New Year. Perfect timing:-P

Next, I hurried down to Ngee Ann City to meet my friends and we began a full expedition of the retail scene of Orchard Road. Hugo Boss, then Louis Vuitton (Which I left my name for the Graffit pareo, since the last one was probably sold to a woman before me:-( Grrr...I saw her and the SA trying the pareo out. I could use that for my upcoming Hua Hin holiday..such a pity!), followed by the stores in Paragon. Look what I ended up with at YSL! Happy smiley me. What a wonderful Saturday. I work hard and 'shop' even harder over weekends. :-P To end the shopping off, we had a wonderful late lunch of chinese noodles and soup dumplings. YUM!

BTW, check out my Louis Vuitton Treillis Bag with the new orange Graffiti Keyring! I took my Treillis Bag out for a spin today and hooked on the Graffiti Keyring. Perfect match. The orange of the key ring compliments the red on the edges of the vachetta leather :-) I LVoe it!


jon said...

yummy yummy i got love in my tummy. reveal ysl please haha

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the Pareo! Can't wait for you to get it.
The bag charm is really quite the charmer eh? It seems to go so well with your bags. Niiiiice.

Anonymous said...

wow... i was thinking green, but i love the contrast of the orange with the Mono'flage. i think i want one. best of luck in getting a Pareo!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

THanks Javier:-)

I dunno what to do with the be honest. 'Buy first, think about what to do with it later syndrome'...:-P

Maybe that is why the Karma gods did not let me find the Pareo yesterday. I bought a thin, cheap scarf from Zara last spring 2008 (after seeing some gorgeous fashion spreads in a jap mag, with lots of summer scarf looks)...and it is still with price tag attached and sitting in my wardrobe. Oh my.

Maybe paying more will make me want to use it:-P

You should get a key ring..I thought it looked really nice on Treills!


YSL lover said...

Oooh reveal your loot please? Hahaha, coincidentally I just bought a YSL bag a few days ago. J'aime YSL !

Anonymous said...

U are so baaaad! the charm and camou bag looks so damn nice, its really tempting. Is the camou bag still available and how much (do you know)?

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hi Anonymous,

The treillis bag retails for SGD $2540. and is supposedly sold out. Recently one of my friend got a call from his SA and they had a Treillis for him. So there may still be a chance.:-P

agrasshopper said...

u need to reveal the YSL soon ok???!!! heehee

theoptimist said...

hi kevin. i was wondering if your treillis' canvas is supposed to be the darker tone. cause my friend got his via ebay, and the canvas fabric seemed to be of a different tone, and i was wondering if he was conned or something. can you help me out?

cause the fabric seemed lighter.i was thinking if its the flash that made it look different.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Oh dear, optimist,

Without seeing the pics...I am unable to offer any opinions on your friend's bag. Did he get it from a reputable seller? That is usually the best guarantee. Pics can distort colours and looks.

My Treillis is of a forest green. It is not too dark as to appear like Deep green. Leafy green kinda tone. Slightly lighter than my pics, cos I did not use flash for the pics.

Hope this helps! Good luck!