Saturday, 21 February 2009

My Shopping Conquest #52

Below: Smart packaging! LV is the best!

Below: Something bright peeking thru!

Below: It's no other that the super cute Graffit Zippy Coin Purse in Orange!

Below:I 'read' Paris on the back of the coin purse! My favourite city of love and 'hate':-P

Below: Get mesmerised and 'blinded' by the cool neon coloured lining!

Below: A final look, Graffit Zippy Coin Purse with Box and Booklet:-) LVoe it!

Louis Vuitton Graffiti Zippy Coin Purse In Orange

Reveal from 'Have You Graffitied Yet?'

The Graffiti fever finally hits Singapore. After months of anticipation, countless disappointing delays, the majority of the Graffiti series (except Neverfull) were released to the eager LV fans in Singapore on 16 Feb 2009. I had thought being a non LV regular, chances of getting this range will be slim. There were news of how limited the range will be (the truth or just hype? More like the latter) So I was not in a hurry, and decided all I can do was to leave it to destiny. If I am to own any pieces of this limited quantity special items, I will do so no matter when I visit the store. True to my words, I did not take leave on 16 Feb, nor rush over to Louis Vuitton boutiques during lunchtime, I only managed to get to the LV store in Ngee Ann City after work, and only around 8pm (had to work a bit late that day). I was picturing scenarios of a long queue and countless frenzy of earnest fans all competing to grab what they can from the range. Monday will never be quiet again amidst all this graffiti 'frenzy'!

To my utter was exactly the opposite scenario I see on 16 Feb, Monday. No queues at the store entrance, no huge crowds filling the store. It was really really quiet. The SAs served only an average of one customer each, unlike the busy scenarios on normal weekends. I gathered a conclusion...Graffiti isn't what all the hype pitched it to be! Darn, we have been fooled!

I was not expecting to buy my heart is set for the Graffiti Neverfull. But I wanted to check out the Zippy Coin Purse to satisfy my curiosity. I wonder how the neon coloured lining will look after many people have said it looked stunning. As I entered the store, I saw a lady comparing the green and orange purses. Not a lot of people are asking for the Graffiti items.

I looked for my SA and found her serving another customer. Upon finishing with them, I greeted her and she gave a very warm smile back to me, welcoming me and even addressing me by my surname! She remembered me!:-) How nice:-P (Well, I did buy something from her just the Friday before.)

Delighted, I asked to see the Louis Vuitton Graffiti Zippy Coin Purse In Orange. I did not ask for other colours (which I probably should have, as I found out later, the green colour has been made at a lesser quantity than the orange and fuchsia and hence more limited). But in my mind, I am very set on orange colour. It's really the most timeless colour of the three and since I want the Neverfull in orange, I should stick to orange to get a matching set:-) I played with the orange zippy a bit, deeply amused by the very bright neon orange lining. So pretty. So captivating. What choice have I got...that is how I got 'GRAFFITIED'! (reads...GRA_FI-TID!) :-)

The infamous 3 words again slip out of my mouth...'I'll take it!'. The SA happily packed the zippy coin purse away and prepared my invoice. Jokingly, she suggested I should get the keepall. I said nooooo....I am set for Neverfull. So I ask her to inform me once Neverfull is in stock. She takes note of my request and as promised...she called me a couple of days later to inform me I can placed a deposit over weekends to get a confirmed purchase:-)

Graffiti hype may be exaggerated...but the range is still gorgeous. Hence I am supporting this range from Louis Vuitton. Maybe I am a sucker for all things bright.:-P

(As of today, Graffiti Green Zippy Coin Purse and Speedy are sold out due to smaller quantities stocked and produced. But both items in Orange and fuchsia are still in stock. The fuchsia is actually very pretty. More fuchsia than girly pink! I am tempted:-P
But I dun need another coin purse. Come to think of it, Orange will withstand being outdated better. I can also matched it with future Hermès orange items!) (*Hint Hint!*)

Retail price: SGD $665. Where to buy: Louis Vuitton Boutique at Ngee Ann City


From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...

Congrats Kevin! We are now Graffiti Zippy Coin Purse twins!

beautiful things // beautiful minds said...

i gotta admit that when i first saw the stuff i wasn't such a big fan, but i guess it kinda grew on me. i'm plannin to get the green graffiti scarf and the green neverfull :)

Rene Schaller said...

congratulations! it's a cute little piece, great colour-combination.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Kevin! Now I'm getting tempted. You guys are dangerous!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Grab it while you can Mark!:-) It is really pretty. You should get green and we three(me, you and alvin) we will be the graffiti zippy triplets! hahaha. (All colours represented!)

Anonymous said...

when will the neverfull be out?

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Neverfull will be released sometime in March. Last I checked, March 3. But subject to change.:-) You can place a full deposit to get the bag for sure at LV from your SA.:-)Remember, full deposit is no refundable. And only as store credit note. So make sure you want it before you place the deposit! As good as buying already!

Anonymous said...

and green is like my fave color, hahaha!

00o00 said...

yay! we heart orange!!

evets said...

i think i will go for the fuchsia the pink interior!