Saturday, 28 February 2009

My Shopping Conquest #53

Below: Gucci seriously need to spruce up their packaging...learn from LV:-P Their boxes are so luxe!

Below: Bright colours rules!

Gucci Fluorescent Yellow/Pink,/Orange Web Slider Belt

Neon frenzy has hit the stores this season! I see so much bright colours that bedazzle the eyes lately. Is it because the designers want us to see a brighter future despite the worsening economic conditions for the coming months, so we can be optimistic about spending? Well, it does not matter to me...cos, bright colours are the rage and I know I am in love with the brightest hue ever, fluorescent Orange!

In anticipation to match my range of ultra eye catching Louis Vuitton Graffiti accessories...I decided to pick up this Gucci Fluorescent Yellow/Pink,/Orange Web Slider Belt (blog about this before here) so as not to appear like a single brand 'whore'. Perfect for pairing with Graffiti orange or white and sombre colours...just to spice up the look! Bright, glaring and bold, this belt will get eyes staring. I may have to partially cover it under my tee. :-P Shy?!?!?!?!

Got this on Monday evening after I went down to the Gucci store to check out the pink handle GG plus canvas tote. It was not there anymore, so it was not meant to be mine. But I found a good substitute to curb my neon coloured addiction. This slider belt in canvas does the job exceptionally well.

I used my SGD $100 Takashimaya vouchers to offset the purchase and got it at a fantastic price at the Gucci Boutique there. Only limited pieces came in. 2 pieces of size 85cm and 1 piece of size 90cm. Takashimaya only stock one of 85 cm size. Hurry down to the Paragon store if you want to get some colour to match your Louis Vuitton Graffiti:-P

I love colours! And Gucci rocks as well!

Retail price: SGD $300. Where to buy: Gucci Boutique at Takashimaya


Anonymous said...

Very nice! u have to model what you buy Kev, love seeing you spend money! I await weekly with breath abated to see what you might pick up. lol - MC

Anonymous said...

I need your thoughts, Ive been lusting over the big DG metal plaque "on the side" sneakers, Im sure its not a current season thing, but it has only caught on for me, is it passe? U think? I think the do those on Ts, hoodies, leather jackets etc. Your thoughts please..... - MC

freshmess said...

Yowza! I love me some neon! Congrats Kev!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hi Anonymous,
oh my...I am going to go 'broke' just to keep you guys entertained! Hahaha.

Yes, will try to model. Was going to today..but I went to Zara and did not see anything worth trying and hence no dressing room shot:-P

And the other anonymous, I know which sneakers you are talking about. The DG metal plaque, to be honest, is not my cup of tea. I think attaching a piece of metal on a shoe without adding value to the overall function or design is not good design. DG sometimes make nice shoes, but the range of sneakers you like only looks good for certain colours. Choose wisely...I would try to go for an overall uniform colour tone rather than too many colours on one shoe. There are other brands offering a lot of nicer designs...have you checked on that yet? Lanvin is fantastic for their sneakers. It is not heavily branded and yet instantly recognisable as Lanvin. Pricing wise should not be too big a difference, since DG charges high prices these days!

ANd Mark, thanks! Neon rocks, I will be able to work for the traffic police soon if I wear my full ensemble of graffiti plus this belt:-P Public service in style?!?!

Designing Style said...

This is a very bold color scheme! Neon colors are most certainly seeing a comeback this year!

What a fabulous purchase!

freshmess said...

But you'll definitely stop traffic, Kev. :p

Anonymous said...

Kev, thanks for your thoughts, I actually agree with you, its nothing ground breaking, jus a metal plaque. Love the Lanvin sneakers, but gosh the prices on those suede sneakers! BTW what are the Spring 09 colours for the LANVIN sneakers? Your advise please....hehe - MC

Kevin and myMANybags said...

The spring 2009 colours are more subdued. Very light beige with white, khaki with bronze, dusty all very nice and timeless.

Yes, lanvins can be expensive. What about Pierre hardy sneakers? I love them. They are very cool and also a recognisable design but not so abundant that everyone has it.

other brands you can consider is Neil Barrett. Last season, he did a very nice semi highcut silver version who I am regretting not getting.

Happy shopping. Update me when you decide which one to get and show your loot!:-P

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kev, appreciate your thoughts and quick reply. I'll let know if I decide to bite the bullet. lol - MC