Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Material Boy #237

Dior Homme Tri-Colour Leather Trainers

Every man needs a bit of pink in his wardrobe cos real men are brave enough to flaunt a bit of his 'feminine' side. Fused into a sporty style, this Dior Homme Tri-Colour Leather Trainers will definitely add some much needed edge and fun to your ensemble while not eroding any of that masculinity. The white leather trainers has a streamlined shape, interesting perforated detailing and an eye catching silver and fuchsia trimming.

Fuchsia pink is a hot colour this season. On Dior Homme's runway and many others. So do not fear this traditional 'Barbie-ish' hue, embrace it, show your sensitive side this season.


Retail price: UK 265 pounds. Where to buy: Club 21 Mens at Four Seasons Hotel or


p76 said...

hi kevin,
i really find this pair so-so only, dun u think? the classic design is still better, though i dun have any.

`surviving reality said...

Hi Kevin!

I emailed you abt your YSL bag a couple of days ago and ever since then ur blog has become a wonderful source of daily read! Anyway, this Dior pair looks really good! And I just finished reading all your posts on YSL. This is're getting me hooked on it and I have always been one to control my shopping impulses...well, I try my best. HAHA.

Cheers, Mayy

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hi P76,

this is based on classic recurring design. I do like the pink stripe which adds a bit of colour:-)

and Mayy, thanks for your support! Glad you like what I wrote. and YSL is an incredible brand. Always chic and transcend trends and time:-)