Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Material Boy #240

Bally Spring Summer 2009 Menswear And Accessories

Inspired by multi-ethnicity and travel, Bally's creative director Brian Atwood looks to natural and hand woven materials for his new Bally Spring Summer 2009 collection. Heavily infused with rustic, vintage charm using earth tone colours, this collection is befitting a worldly adventurer in the Himalayas. My top picks from this collection includes this Tri-coloured Eberto Loafer, crafted to resemble a pair of espadrilles and a rich brown Mikall-i travel bag, with interesting woven details and shoulder strap. Perfect to bring out the adventurer in you be it in the city or the mountains.

Source: www.bally.com


logicloope said...

I like this look from Bally.. really a fresh breath of (mountain) air from the squeaky-clean city man look of late.

Anonymous said...

OMG...I like the pants..know the price?

alan said...

the shoe!


Anonymous said...

any comments on the Bally Women's collection?

Got a Bally bag from their sale in Nov 2008 and love the feel and smell of leather and that super understated feel. Went to check out Bally's latest Spring/Summer collection - the Vilda. Didn't get that, instead I walked away with a pair of classic pumps - well afterall Bally's known for shoes first ;)

Would like to hear from you or anyone who bought the Vilda. So tempted to rush down to get it! Thanks!