Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Material Boy #247

Balenciaga Weekender In Automne

I sense another Balenciaga lust overpowering me...this time in the gorgeous colour of automne. Not as dark as charbon and yet not as colourful as orange...perfect shade inbetween colourful and sombre. In a way, the Balenciaga Weekender (women's version) is just a piece of sumptuous bag candy to be adored and owned. Unfortunately, this colour is not available in Singapore's Balenciaga Boutique. It's breath-taking. The giant hardware version (US $2095) is beckoning to me as well. Darn, I hear my bank account screaming mercy already!

Retail price: US $1695. Where to buy: www.balenciaga.com


9eor9e said...

Automne rocks!

Anonymous said...

im kinda feeling it lately, should i get a Weekneder too?

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Mr Duck, after the overdose of LV for graffiti...I am also feeling Balenciaga yet again...especially after see 9eor9e's automne courier. It's gorgeous!

and Yes, get a weekender if you like it. It's a classic and so versatile, it looks good with everything.

And Yes, George! I agree! Love your new courier! I am so tempted!


ushi sato said...

I love this bag...and I'm dying to have this...gosh....it's a way expensive but I'll gonna have it soon!....grrrr...