Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Material Boy #250

Loewe Round Anagrama Leather Coin Purse In Orange

Last night while doing my rounds of retail research in the name of my blog, I stumbled into Loewe at Isetan Scotts for a quick check to see if I can spot the red leather tote. Nowhere in sight in the small store, my 'shifty' eyes (bad habit) start to wander to the small leather goods available within the store, since SLGs are the easiest to get assimilated to a brand (translation: owning a piece of the brand, entry level price point). The 'delicious' array of small leather accessories on display got me 'hooked' and one little gem stood out from the rest for me....I am loving this cute Loewe Round Anagrama Leather Coin Purse In Orange! Perfect to add to my collection of orange accessories. I do (I think) need a coin purse with scratch and dirt resistant lining to fulfill my requirement. LV Graffiti Zippy Coin Purse is nice...but the neon coloured lining will stand no chance against abrasive and dirty loose change. So I concur I will not use my Graffiti Zippy Coin Purse for this purpose. Too nice to get ruined. I am awaiting a Bottega Veneta coin purse, but again, I fear the light colour lining may not survive the abuse either. BTW, it is also too expensive to not have a heart pain when the coins damages the interiors of these beauties. So with a good price of SGD $250, this Loewe option is not overwhelmingly expensive and has a dark leather lining to hide all eventual dirt from holding all my coins. Perfect. Now I have to convince my 'Mr Bank Account' that my life depends on that coin purse to justify the purchase. I need this? You guys have to enlighten me either way...:-P


Retail price: SGD $250. Where to buy: Loewe Boutique at Isetan Scotts


Niz said...

If Mr Bank Account agrees, then why not? Haha. I ever saw a similar pouch retailing for a little lower at eBay even though it's brand new. Should have gotten it! Hahaha...

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Mr Bank Account just declared bank holiday for 3 months. So cannot do any approvals for the time being till June. So I guess I have to wait:-P