Thursday, 19 March 2009

My MANy Bags News #54

myMANybags Personal Finance Bank Closed For Business Till June 2009

SINGAPORE 19 MARCH 2009 (MMB News) – Due to overwhelming abuse of myMANybags Personal Finance Bank's bag and shopping finance services, Managing Director of myMANybags Personal Finance Bank has declared closure of business operations till June 2009. With effect from today, there will be no approvals of bag financing loans for Kevin. All potential bag acquisition plans will be put on hold till June 2009:-P

"What?!?! Till June?!?!>?! This is bag 'blasphemy'! How am I going to 'survive' the next 3 months?", says Kevin, biggest client of MMB Personal Finance Bank. Management of MMB Personal Finance Bank has declined comment.

In the meantime, feel free to drool over bags only and window shop a lot:-P Good luck to Kevin!

By K.Y.
MMB News Correspondent

Source: Getty Images


Anonymous said...

you're funny. and good at photoshopping. :p

alfred said...

haha does no bag acquisitions mean that you will just have to settle for other smaller leather goods, such as wallets, and clothing for the next 3 months of purchases? :P

Kevin and myMANybags said...

My finance bank is closed for business...sob sob..cannot source of money for 3 months...poor!

Any 'sugar daddy' anyone?:-P

UKbagboy said...

In the words of UKbagboy. "Get. To. Fuck." Come on, we live vicariously through you. You stop spending, we stop surfing. Its a sad world but in these times of economic uncertainty, you have to do everything to keep the economy afloat. I feel you're being too defeatist.

Suck it up and start spending.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hey UKBagboy,

well, in that case, you can be my sponsor for my next shopping spree:-P Hehehe

Anonymous said...

I've heard it all before. Seriously girlfriend, how many times have you declared that you need and will stop shopping?

You know who you are. You won't change. We are the same species of shopping.

UKbagboy said...

When i see the word sponsor, I think some form of alcohol dependency rehab. Maybe that is appropriate here, but replace "gin" for "bags".

`surviving reality said...

Way to go Kevin! hahaha. cute post to reinforce your determination! After the pain, when you do get to spending again, the feeling is gonna be so much more awesome!

Cheers, Mayy

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Yes Mayy,

hahaha. It's the joy after the 'pain' thrill!:-P

and UK when can you take me on a 'shopping spree':-P?