Sunday, 22 March 2009

The Material Boy #252

YSL Leather Messenger Bag In Black

Yesterday I had the pleasure of checking out this 'Muse II' lookalike man bag from YSL. Thanks to the tip off from a reader about the arrival of this beauty. Here's my review of the bag.

Upon the first look, my mental reaction was.. the bag is kinda small!...not exactly tiny either. But the size can be considered small relative to an average guy. Why do I have this impression? The width and height is a good size. But I think the narrow base of the bag makes this one looks more 'petite' than it is in the pictures. If you want to fit in a lot of items in the bag, then you may be disappointed.

Beyond the physical size, I have to admit I admire the interesting take for the design which feels like a cross or inbetween of a man bag and handbag.

This bag features a top handle attached by 2 rings on the back and not on the top opening flap of the bag. This top handle is broad with buckle details and is long enough to shoulder sling while enabling you to hand carry. There is also a non adjustable shoulder strap which adds a third way to carry the bag. Although the length is fixed, it is of an adequate length to allow for cross slinging over your body if you are not a giant. So with three options of working the bag, I was excited by how the bag might look on me all 3 ways. The handcarry and shoulder sling way makes me feel like I am carrying a ladies' handbag. The size is a major contributing factor. And the trapeze shape gives off a handbag vibe even more. Only when I start to sling it cross body that I begin to feel more comfortable with sumptous leather bag. It looked amazing. Very different, gender bending for sure, so you keep friends guessing whether if that is a man and woman's bag. The black colour and simple design keeps it impartial so it definitely goes both ways. The weight of the bag is also just right. It is neither 'biceps inducing' heavy nor too light to feel non substantial. One obvious inconvenience to the bag is the buckled opening which can be a chore to access bag contents. For me, I will just leave it unbuckled for a more nonchalant look. Think YSL Besace bag.

My verdict... this is one bag that works for smaller, shorter build guys. But on ladies, this is a power bag for a boardroom heroine. If only the base is broader, this would have been the perfect man bag for me:-P

Retail price: SGD $2790. Where to buy: YSL Boutique at Paragon


LuxuryObsessed said...

Thanks for the review. I have to agree with you. I'm a little mystified by the size and shape for a men's bag. I would love to see some modeling pics!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

You are welcomed:-)it is a nice bag...but maybe not for everyone. Go try it out for yourself. it's the best way to see if the bag fits!:-P

UKbagboy said...

on my way to Paragon this afternoon, perhaps I'll take a quick peek in YSL...!

deluxeduck said...

if it had a bit more heft or bulk, id prob consider it too.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hi UKbagboy,

enjoy the shopping expedition today!:-)

Let me know what you think of this YSl bag.

and Mr Duck, yes, if the base is broader, it will be a great man bag.

UKbagboy said...

nice. I liked it. Agree with the other comments but unless you want to be hauling a lot of stuff around, then I think it is fine.

Still prefer the Gucci cotton tote in the window at Paragon though.

Oh well.

toosan said...

oh yay this is so me then! Not too big and just small enough for my skinny frame~ Plus the price is reasonable too!

Spore brings in the stuff 2x faster than malaysia, so lucky.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hi Toosan, I think you will look great with the bag!

And is...not for carrying too many things.

Jens said...

I like it a lot.
The simple but original shape, which is a bit gender bending, and how clean the design is and still looking luxurious.


Mayhem said...

heres a snapshot from a magazine:

Shane Chua said...

Hey Kev, the more i see this the more i like it...I hope to get this bag during sales time...haha...btw hows the inside like? Is there any compartment?