Sunday, 22 March 2009

My Shopping Conquests #56...'Defying Shopping Ban' Edition...

Below: Yes, I got this cool Zara Coated Cotton Navy Jacket! The cut is great and it looks like a leather jacket, sans the weight and the 'too hot' for Singapore weather!

Below: Nice biker jacket collar, with ribbed lining

Below: A lot of nice details. Huge silver zippers and also buttons on flap pockets

Below: Hidden zipper pockets near the collar. Cool eh?

Below: There's even a hidden hood for another look or emergency rainy days!

Below: I love how the jacket fits me snugly (makes me have broader shoulders:-P) also matches the colour of what I am wearing today...perfect combo for that 'bad boy' biker look with my Balenciaga Anthracite Weekender:-P I am sold!

Below: I am wearing Zara Jacket (pre-purchase), Topman Black V-neck tee, Gucci 'Horse Hoof' Buckle Belt, Zara Super slim-fit jeans, HE By Mango Sandals, YSL Gold Y-mail Dogtag Necklace, D&G 'Love' Bracelet, carrying my Balenciaga Anthracite Weekender Bag

Below: Along came a slim fitted v-neck tee too...:-P

Below: My 2 new 'very matching' Zara shopping conquests!

Below: Not forgetting the Bottega Veneta 'Pre-Bank Closure' financed purchase:-P Reveals later...

Shopping Sunday...Yes, I Broke The Rules again...

It seems even with the closure of 'MMB Bank', I still managed to find a reason to further 'revitalise' the economy. Bagaholicboy did mention to me that even if I do not shop the big brands, I probably will end up with things from Zara, Topshop or whatever which is less expensive and less detrimental to 'MMB Bank's' financial figures. At first, I denied the thought, but it seems he was very right:-)

One consolation... at least the impact on the 'bank' is not too big...I'll take it one step at a time?!?!?

Therefore, my Shopping Sunday expedition bears 'fruitful' results....:-P

Yes, Zara was guilty of making me swipe my does Bottega Veneta (dun worry, this purchase was 'pre-bank closure financing':-P)

Check out my super cool Zara Navy Coated Cotton Biker Jacket. It looks like leather except lighter and cooler to wear. Dun you agree it looks too good on me (Oops, shameless again!) to put it back on the racks?

Happy Sunday evening! Baked beans anyone?

Retail price:
1) Zara Navy Coated Cotton Biket Jacket - SGD $229
2) Zara Slim Fit Grey V-neck Tee - SGD $29.90

Where to buy: Zara Boutique at Liat Towers


Luis Portugal said...

It has a nice blog.
Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
A hug from my country, Portugal

alfred said...

Did u get the intrecciato coin purse! =O =O!!!!

Anonymous said...

whew! HOT kev, just hot!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

thanks Freshmess!:-P Mark you do even better modelling shots:-P hehehe. Do more!

and Alfred...all in due time...will reveal:-P

and Luis, thanks for your kind words. Woohoo...all the way from portugal! I can understand u...not a problem with language. so leave more comments!

Anonymous said...

What?! Na-uh!

Jens said...

Hi Kevin,
It's good to break the rules sometimes.
That looks great on you!

Gucci has a jacket which is a little similar to that. The part, what do you call it, the ending of the arms is interesting and just the same. That jacket costs, if I am calculating correctly, 3600 SGD, which is why I didnt buy it..
Love your Balenciaga bag too..

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Thanks Jens,

sometimes Zara has gems:-P

How have you been? Hope you are doing well! Long time no chat!:-P Is it almost a year already since we met up?

And Mark, we want more modelling pics of u! and your LVs!

vanja said...

I luv your Zara peaces.They look good on you.Zara has some really nice designs although H&M is catching up too, their quality is getting better

Kevin and myMANybags said...

I wish we have H&M here. They do amazing collaborations and much cheaper than Zara. These are good for fast fashion! And sometimes, you need to uncover the gems in the offerings!

Money does not necessary equate taste. It's how you put together. I admire people who can have a style without having to plaster designer labels all over themselves!:-)


tOsHi0YosHi0 said...

Hi Kevin,
Where are your jeans from (the jeans you are wearing when modeling the new Zara jacket) and is that same jacket available in the US? I love the style!

Jacky said...

love the belt and sandals,espacially the slim jeans and sandal look. i just recently got a new gucci belt. absolutely loving it.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hi Toshioyoshio,

the super slim fit jeans are from Zara as well. Comes in 3 washes of blue. I got 2 of the 3. Very nice cut, but tight on the legs...which I love.

as for availability of the jacket, it should be...since Zara's stock is universal. The item code is 101569. 00518402401020. SGD Price is $229.

Try asking at the Zara store near you! Love the cut!

Hi jacky, thanks! show more of your modelling pics!


Lubber said...

Hello Kevin!!

Great to see/read that you are a fan of biker jackets! I bought a biker jacket from Louis Vuitton lately it has 2 strand with palladium studs at the bottom, I have no idea what do I do with them as it seem abit strange if I tied them to my waist. Any suggestion? I tried asking the SA they told me to just let it hang out but I felt it was strange. I payed so much for it but I hardly wear it cos of the strange strap

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hi Lubber,

as I am not sure what style your jacket is, I am unable to advise how to style those straps. Perhaps you just let it hang loose as advised by the SA...nonchalant look is good. U may just be not used to the look. Try it for a while more. ANd wear it! Such a waste to keep it in closet.:-) I commit the same dilemma as well...keep in closet for a lot of things.

I love stand up collar for biker jackets. Makes me look better to conceal my skinny neck. hahaha.

AT said...

Hi Kev,

I like your balenciaga a lot. Am actually deciding between the weekender, the naxos cabas in taupe, and a goyard (boeing 45? ambassade?) as a weekend bag. Any thoughts?

AT said...

Hi Kev,

I have to say I really like your balenciaga. I'm actually deciding between getting a weekender, the naxos cabas in taupe, or a goyard boeing 45 in black. Any thoughts?

E said...

hi kev

is this jacket slightly shiny? or just plain cottonsih...

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hi AT, I'd say get Balenciaga. It's so much more versatile and a true classic. Naxos cabas is nice but in terms of versatility, it is more limited.

and E, the jacket is almost like coated canvas. So it is shiny...leather like.

Hope it helps!

cw said...

hi kevin, which 2 colour jeans did u get from zara? do u have the item code?

cfraisrudy said...

Hey ! It's my first visit on your blog that is great ! (added as favorite !)
By the way, I just love your outfit with the Mango sandals.