Monday, 23 March 2009

The Material Boy #253

Lanvin Beaded High Top Trainers In Red And Gold

Tribal? Street? Chinese New Year? Leprosy? (Don't you think the shoe looks like it has a serious case of skin disease?) Lanvin does amazing trainers all the time, I always like what they conceptualised season after season. However, for this pair of Lanvin Beaded High Top Trainers In Red and Gold, I am on the fence about the design. Can you really wear something beaded (Tribal? Ethnic?) and still pull off a funky street look? Apparently, the runway model managed. But not all of us are blessed to be born as a living clothes rack with a stylist to make sure you work it effortlessly. I do applaud the thought to use unconventional materials and techniques for trainer styles, perhaps this is just not my cup of tea. Somehow, I get the strong vibe that this would be the perfect shoe to go about Chinese New Year house visiting because of the colour.

With a price tag that buys you almost 2 pairs of the regular Lanvin trainers, I reckon I get more mileage out of my money elsewhere. Having said that, you cannot deny this is a statement piece for someone who wants individualism.

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Retail price: UK 635 pounds. Where to buy:


logic|qool said...

great looking shoes in both colorways..
damn the recession.

Allan said...

i LOVE Lanvin but these shoes are not for me.


Mr. Intrecciato said...

Just when you thought Lanvin has used all the unconventional materials possible, out comes this! Not my cup of tea either.

On another note, may i ask you, Kevin, if it would be possible to use your photos, now and in the future, for my blog? Will most definitely credit you for it. Drop me an email at


p76 said...

i scare to wear those beady beady shoes....hahaha. not really my kinda me conservative