Thursday, 9 April 2009

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #30

Brian Atwood Spring Summer 2009 Ad Campaign

Brian Atwood's (also creative director of Bally) new ad campaign for his namesake label of women's shoes turns a few notches up in the heatwave of summer season. Apparently, he seems to want to capture the allure and seduction of how a good pair of shoes on a women can have an effect on a man. This series of ads features hunk-a-licious, Jon Kortajarena (who had done suggestive fetish themed ads for Tom Ford and Diesel) and hot'mama' Rene Russo (who still oozes sex appeal despite her age) 'contorting' in some of the most seductive poses in the shots. To be honest, I think the ads made Jon more of the hero than Rene. The irony is that these ads are to sell women's shoes and accessories:-P

Very sexy...very hot! Me likey!

Source: Brian Atwood


Anonymous said...

thats some provocative marketing.

i didn't even know they were to showcase shoes! hahaha

Kevin and myMANybags said...

It is! To think these are for women's accessories. Hahaha.

Jon is hot!

sputnik sweetheart said...

just got my first pair of atwoods.. they are more comfy than they look! :)

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Good choice..his shoes are very unique and sexy!:-) makes a woman look tall and slender:-P

BTW, is that you on your blog are really pretty!:-P

welcome to my blog.

sputnik sweetheart said...

haha yes that's me! :) thank you - been reading your blog for some time now.. look forward to more posts on shoes ;)