Tuesday, 7 April 2009

My MANy Bags News #60

Burberry Launches A New Mens Denim Line!

It's due time! Burberry finally launches a denim line for us guys:-P Denim is a staple member of every man's wardrobe. I have not heard of a guy who do not own a pair of denim in his lifetime. So you can see how indispensable this clothing item is.

Premium denim lines have sprout all over high fashion labels. And Burberry joins in now to offer us another shopping option. We love choices! The men’s Spring Summer denim collection has three jean fits – regular, tapered and slim. The colour palette includes washes in vintage blue, air force blue and navy. Detailing includes tape binding in Burberry iconic colours of white, black and red and Burberry Established 1856 dark nickel or gold plaques on coin pockets.

It just looks fab when paired with the British chic of Burberry's other lines. Bravo! Get shopping at www.burberry.com...or in stores now:-P

Prices start at 125GBP/195USD.

Source: www.burberry.com

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