Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Photoshop Wonders...

It's Better Than All Age Defying Creams!

Dun believe too much of what you see in photos these days. All those almost perfect beautiful models and celebrities shots we see each day on magazines, billboards and ads are definitely results of some photoshop magic. But the question is to what extent?

See the before and after pic above of 'hot mama' Madonna in a recent photoshoot...
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Even the best face lifting cream or botox cannot do what photoshop can do:-) Leaves me wondering how much touch up was done to those shots Madonna did for the Louis Vuitton spring summer 2009 ad campaign. Did they erase the wrinkles and cellulite on those kick-ass legs? So 'hot' mama is not that 'hot' afterall?

Source: Chuvaness

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Anonymous said...

One of my girlfriends work at Grazia magazine UK. She says that at the photo agencies where they buy these kind of celebrity pictures, wrinkles and flaws were also ENHANCED sometimes to sell the pictures. Madonna is a favorite target because she defies her age.