Friday, 17 April 2009

My Shoe Collection #40

Zara Red Madras Checks Canvas Sneakers (RETURNED)

TGIF! Yet another end to a work week. Fridays are always the best day as you have this immense sense of relieve for the upcoming 2 off days.

So tonight after my office's rooftop BBQ, aka Satay Club, I head off to town for the start of the weekends. And it seems temptations abound in Orchard Road. Diesel Black Friday event was something I have to check out. Response was not exactly overwhelming. A poor girl has to hand out stash of 'Black Money' to shoppers entering Paragon Shopping Centre. I took a stash, do not even have to print them out myself:-) I did see a Diesel Black Gold slouchy v-neck tee that I feel would work great with a nice structured blazer. Maybe I am secretly trying to do a male version of the Balmain look that I seem fascinated about. However, impulse did not get the better of me. So I escape Diesel 'Kevin's bank unharmed'.

However, Zara was the one who got me. I scored something in Zara despite desperate attempts to stop spending. In the end, I lost in the mental struggle and had to leave the store with this pair of Red Madras Checks Canvas Sneakers:-) The colours and design of the shoe is simply too difficult to resist. Crafted with a red tone madras checks canvas and trimmed with white, the shoe looks like a cousin of my most 'beloved' Converse sneakers;-) But what makes this pair of Zara sneakers more than Converse is the raffia fabric that lined the edges of the rubber sole! It's a hybrid of espadrilles and Converse sneakers. Very interesting.

This new lovely find of mine is light-weight, easy style and adds a cheery dash of colour to your summer shorts/shirt outfit. Perhaps a straw fedora hat to bring up that boyish charm? I simply love the nonchalant design that puts a grin on me:-)

Update: Zara offers a 30 day money back return policy. It's my first time taking advantage of this great service.. No questions asked when you have original tags on the item. Fast and easy! I love Zara! I returned thi pair of shoe becos I wanted to get the Topman Pilmsolls. I am restricting the amount of shoes I am able to buy now. I have too many. So it is a tough choice. In the end, I chose the white plimsolls:-P

Retail price: SGD $89.90. Where to buy: Zara Boutique at Liat Towers


Agency Exec said...

Hey kev, it's good to know that there are still such beautiful stuff for less than SG100. Good find!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

It is a lovely pair of shoes...and not too pricey:-P Good for summer shorts.:-)

happy weekends!


p76 said...

nice pick!

Anonymous said...

Oooh I like!
"Straw fedora hat to bring up that boyish charm" - now let's see that please. :)
Happy weekend Kev!