Thursday, 16 April 2009

Great Minds Think Alike #09

Below: Balmain's ridiculously overpriced crystal studded heels...€ 1,475 (approx: SGD $3162)

Below: Balmain heels as worn by models and celebrities...

Below: Count on Zara for affordable chic... Zara studded heels, SGD $279

Balmain Crystal Studded Heels vs. Zara Studded Heels

Okay, maybe this is not exactly the right content for my blog. But I am just fascinated by Balmain's look for women this season. But more so by the 'bravest' pricing attempts I have seen recently for clothing. Though I love the slim 'trashy' look which actually translates well to real woman...I almost 'heart-attacked' when I found out the prices for the runway pieces.

So for those lady Balmain fans...cheaper alternatives are a must! And good news...the much featured crystal studded shoes has a less pricey cousin:-P

Besides the TDF military jackets (Approx. US$5075) and acid washed jeans (Approx. SGD$2986), the crystal studded 'tranny' heels is one of the most recognisable offerings for this spring summer 2009. Seeing the price tag is set at a 'heavenly' level of € 1,475 (almost SGD$'s ridiculous!), you cannot blame cheaper copies of this shoe sprouting all over. Zara has a similar pair available and priced at affordable SGD $279. Not really great minds thinking alike, more like 'blatant' copying. But it's for the benefit of most woman!

So what will you choose?


toosan said...

I think I'm gonna save up for the jackets instead of a bag now! said...

neither. at that price, i might as well hire my own cobbler and buy myself a bedazzler.