Sunday, 5 April 2009

My Shopping Conquest #58

Below: Me trying out the shorts. The tee and belt are not right, but surprisingly, I love the cut of the shorts:-) I am wearing DSquared2 'Lord' Tee in pale pink, Dolce & Gabbana brown leather belt, Converse white shoes, Agnès B dogtag necklace and carrying Dries Van Noten khaki canvas duffel.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Silk Checkered Long Shorts
(Reveal from 'Screw The Shopping Ban!')

Checkered patterns are great for all seasons. From tartans and plaids in winter to gingham and madras checks in summer, this pattern is a favourite amongst many designers! It never goes out of style:-P

For me, I love check patterns, especially in bright, interesting colour combinations:-)

For my Friday shopping expedition(to have 'retail therapy' for myself for working this weekend:-P), I chose Ngee Ann City stores as my 'mission venue'. Been a busy and stressful week, so shopping ban can wait but retail therapy must officially resume!:-) With loads of my favourite stores in NAC, my mission easily bears results:-) Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Bottega Veneta, Gucci...and of course quirky Marc By Marc Jacobs! And it is here that I land myself my very first pair of ultra comfy SILK Checkered Long Shorts! I never knew silk can be so smooth to the skin and lightweight to wear! The sheen on the fabric gives a certain richness and luxurious feel too. No wonder royalty loves silk! With a brilliant coloured checks pattern, this pair of shorts immediately caught my attention.

I was skeptical at first about the longer cut of the shorts but I decided to try it anyways. Shopping tip #127: Some clothes lack hanger appeal, but they look great when worn. So no harm in trying out. It costs nothing and you keep the sales people employed:-) It's a win win situation!

I am glad I tried the shorts, cos' they fit perfect. The longer length did not make me look like some 'hip hop rapper' on the loose. Instead, the tailored cut with tapered legs is very neat and fitting. I can imagine wearing hi-tops, straw hat and a nice white shirt or tee to get a nonchalant summer look. A good example as demonstrated by the Marc By Marc Jacobs model on the runway. He even rolled up the legs to make it shorter. Super cute! And hence, the shorts came home with me:-P

(BTW, there is a pants version which looks equally fabulous., especially when rolled up at the legs, which is a huge look this summer!)

Source: Model pics from

Retail price: SGD $369. Where to buy: Marc By Marc Jacobs Boutique At Ngee Ann City


Anonymous said...

actually, judging from the catwalk photos, the shorts were not cut "longer". it's just the models are taller than you and you need to alter it if you want the original look.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Nah, the shorts is long. and I am tall, so that is never a problem.:-P

Will not alter the shorts, can always roll it up to look shorter:-) Love the fabric. So light and comfy.

Mr. Intrecciato said...

wow silk shorts. Very unique pair you bought there Kevin. I believe you should try the variation where you roll up the shorts!

Anonymous said...

I agree, the shorts look good. Got a question. Would like to know where I can get these tapered berms/shorts. I seen some at Paul Smith. Anywhere else, apart from Marc Jacobs... thanks

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Shorts are all the rage this season. You can try Ck Calvin Klein, Topman, Zara or other labels such as diesel etc. I am sure some of these brands will have shorts in this style.
Good luck hunting!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I finally bought the Paul Smith one. Nice. Marc Jacobs had one in Black.. but price was too high $369. I did get another from CKjeans too. White. They have it on the mannequin at paragon. Nice. May want to send my older GAP berms which are trifle bit too wide for alteration (shorten and taper) at a tailor. Any recommendations?