Friday, 29 May 2009

I Got 'Fashion Policed'!

Unprovoked Negativity

I got alerted to this:-) Unprovoked negativity (becoming personal), not once but twice. This person seem to strangely bear such animosity towards me when I have never even known him in any circumstances. There are seriously weird people around. Did not know I 'hired' a 'fashion police':-P. All I can say is I am exceptionally amused after finding out who he is. I leave him to live out his own fashion 'fantasies':-P Definitely not my cup of tea:-) To get things clear, I write about shopping. Not fashion. Read my blog intro:-P

1 comment:

vanja said...

Just ignore this lunatic.We all know you got a great sense of style and sophistication.Something he is obvious lacking,both in his fashion choices and in his behaviour