Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Material Boy #284

Hermès Hapi 3 MM Quad Twirl Leather Bracelet

One of the most affordable, entry level Hermès pieces you can buy is this Hermès Hapi 3 MM Quad Twirl Leather Bracelet. Made either from Tadelakt calfskin or textured leather (dunno what is the name of this leather), this cool piece of unisex jewellery comes in a variety of colours and gold or silver plated 'H' buckle.

Having some time on my hands before I am headed home yesterday, I went to the Hermès store in DFS Scottswalk to breathe in some Hermès air:-) It's a first step to get acclimatised to future Hermès investments:-P

I spotted these on the glass showcase and just out of plain curiosity, I asked to try it on. Perfecto! The white textured leather version with silver 'H' buckle is understated and yet instantly recognisable as Hermès. I also had my eyes on a red leather version with gold buckle. That will be my first choice:-) I even tried on the one in tan coloured Tadelakt calfskin. But it blends in too much with asian skin tone and not outstanding enough. The quadro twirl gives a nice effect on the wrist and the price tag definitely tempting. I almost gave in to my desire. But I told myself, no shopping for this week, since I have been buying things almost every week, be it small or big purchases. I need to stop for this week.

Having my self designed 'pre-purchased' questionnaire in my mind, I asked myself for the answers to the set of questions to justify shopping and that help a lot to stop me from swiping my magic Visa card:-P Hurray! I have self discipline this weekend! I did not even buy anything from the Club 21 Collectibles sale (anyway, nothing left is good there even at those low low prices).

But once I start my shopping expedition again(very soon), this piece of Hermès is definitely coming home with me:-)

Source: Hermès

Retail price: SGD $420 (Tadelakt calfskin), SGD $500 (Textured Leather).
Where to buy: Hermès Boutique at DFS Scottswalk


00o00 said...

i like the brown, very nice

i think the textured leather is called togo...

From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...

Hmm, a togo one would be nice...

Jonathan Phay said...

depending on the softness of the leather, it's either togo(softer) or epsom(more rigid).

i think it should be epsom.

sorrie-bluez said...

you should definitely get it quick!

i've got the Choc one & it's fantastic! i love how you can play with it & your outfit - wear it as bracelet, necklace, tie it on your bag etc.

Anonymous said...

omg u made up my mind on what hermes bracelet to get.

hermèsboy said...

In Milan Hermès is in sale!