Saturday, 13 June 2009

My Bag Collection #49

Below: Finally I have Praline colour in my possession! SGH hardware looks great on Praline colour. The size of the clutch is just right for guys too. Love it.

Below: Another gorgeous Sanguine:-) I love this colour. It's outstanding
without being too loud:-)

Below: 2 new Balenciaga family members:-P

Balenciaga SGH Flat Clutches In Praline And Sanguine
(Reveal from 'Parcel Monday Part One...Part Deux')

Ever since my first mention about clutches and those from Balenciaga:-) I have become an 'addict'. And since Erica (HG bags) offers great pricing for her pieces and stocks more range than the Singapore boutique, I cannot help to snap up more when I get her inventory email update weeks ago. I miss out on her promotional offer of 10% discount on 2nd piece so I decided to try my luck with her ebay auctions. My eyes were keenly set on the flat clutches in Praline and Sanguine colour.

I am in no hurry to own any flat clutches therefore I leave the outcome of the auctions in the hands of the 'shopping gods' to determine if these babies will be part of my bag collection:-) I placed my maximum bid on ebay and to my surprise, woke up in the morning after the auction end date to find I won the SGH Praline Flat Clutch auction! I narrowly missed the SGH Sanguine Flat Clutch but Erica offered me a 'second chance offer' to buy the item at my maximum bid.

Well, I shall not disclose what I paid for. But I have to say it was one of the best deals ever:-) With prompt settling of payment, Erica did her usual speedy magic and the 2 flat clutches arrived at my office within days. I was so impressed with the leather of these clutches. Very smooshy, soft and beautifully distressed! They are very handy to take out for a sunday brunch or when you dun have much to carry. Perfect companion for travelling too, since I can put in my camera and wallet or even a book all inside. The external and internal zip pockets are very useful, so I highly recommend this Balenciaga design.

Praline simply looks amazing with SGH and Sanguine is my favourite red now! I am officially a Balenciaga addict! HELP!


From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...

Love the one in Praline! Well done Kevin!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thanks Alvin:-) Yeah, I really adore the praline colour with the silver hardware:-) U should get one too! Did you get Erica's update? It's going at a unbelievable price now...and she has praline and automne available:-)

Anonymous said...

im very tempted....

Anonymous said...

Excellent colors! Congrats!

Carlos Sousa said...

they re fabulous :) i want one!!!! luv the red one...

9eor9e said...

U bought the Praline SGH FC.
I emailed her about it during her recent clearance sale, and she replied with a "SOLD OUT!"
Had to settle with the next best alternative. Automne :)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Mr Duck, it is time to have an 'affair' outside LV:-) Balenciaga is seducing you:-)

and I love the colours guys!

George, I got my praline before the recent clearance sale by Erica. I got this thru ebay auction.:-)
Congrats! U will love the automne flat clutch. It is very nice:-)

Vichaya said...

You are so in huge trouble. I'm Bal addict, too. Having gone through 6 bags in 2 months only. The worst stastistic I've ever been in. And I have 2 more coming via my shopper. (My wallet's crying real hard now.)

Welcome to Bal's addict world.

Love your Praline.

Anonymous said...

i thought those were girl's bags?