Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Material Boy #286

Zagliani Tan Python Skin Document Holder

Another obsession of the moment is the man clutch. Something to hold the bare minimum while being able to hold all the essentials. Clutches may sometimes come across as not masculine enough, so I strongly feel this document holder will erase those doubts. Having a larger size than clutches, this Zagliani Tan Python Skin Document Holder not only looks luxurious with its python skin design but will look proportionately correct for a guy's build. The depth allowance on the document holder will also allow for more storage capacity, while the design and colour is timeless.

Definitely one bag candy for those looking for a clutch but find conventional ones too small and feminine. For me, who can resist exotic skins? Especially one crafted with an elegant design:-P

Source: Matches Fashion

Retail price: UK 688 pounds. Where to buy:
Matches Fashion


khaz of beautiful things said...

what a beautiful portfolio!

did you buy it? said...

You're back! I love this document holder, but it's large no? I think I would still feel like I need a handle on top and I was carrying a briefcase under my arm.

I love the look of Python, but it is high maintenance. Those scales get dry and peel off.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Nah Khaz...did not buy this:-) Perhaps when it's on sale. I dun want to pay full price for something that will be discounted very soon:-P

And yes, I am back, Luxury obsessed. I love python too. but it is like you said, very high maintenance. However, it's exotic that no other skins can replaced.

except maybe croc:-P

I think this works well for a clutch. I use my paul smith laptop case as a clutch like works perfectly. And looks really proportionate to a guy.